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  • Here are the 2009 archived copies of our monthly Intel Academic Community Bulletins. To receive these, become a member of the Intel Academic Community. Sign up here and "opt in" to hear from us. 

    October 2009- It's been an exciting month for the Academic Community, with the Intel Developer Forum at the center of it.  Both Intel CEO, Paul Ottelini and VP and General Manager of the Software and Solutions Group ... (more)

    September 2009 - Here in the US, the new semester is gearing up and professors are back at work.  Is everyone ready with their lesson plans? And how much weight will you be placing on teaching Parallelism this year? Let us know... (more)

    July 2009- The Academic Community team together with Brooklyn Technical High School launched a Parallelism Curriculum Pilot, there have been a number of interesting blog posts on the Academic Community website, and... (more)

    June 2009- Now that classes are done for many of us, we can start turning our attention to research and training projects. This last month saw some really great activities in the Middle East; I'll be highlighting a few of those... (more)

    May 2009 - Spring returning to Oregon and topics include: Teach Parallel! Podcasts, Model Courseware from Xiamen University, The Art of Concurrency, Teaching Challenge, Intel Visual Computing Institute, Summer Workshops ... (more)

    April 2009 - Introducing the new Community Manager, Paul Steinberg; other topics: NEW- Blog Talk Radio: Teach Parallel!, SIGCSE 2009, Contests and Upcoming Events... (more)

    March 2009 - SIGCSE has just wrapped up and the Academic Community Passes 1,000 University Milestone, Leadership in Academia Award, Wu-Han University Case Study, Level Up 2009, Intel® Visual Adrenaline Game Demo Challenge, Intel Labs Europe, Events ... (more)

    February 2009- Topics in this issue: Parallel Architecture for Games, Thinking in Parallel: Expert Tips, Parallelism Faculty Training, Russia Webcast Studio, Academic Community on Facebook, and Events ...(more)

    January 2009 - Topics in this issue:  Webinar- December 18, PRC, Russian Academic Community, Creating a Pattern Language, Visual Guide to Threading Concepts, Asia Academic Forum Results, Get Recognized for your Work ... (more)


    Look for us at the following conferences:

    SuperComputing 09:
    November 14-20
    Find the schedule of events and learn how to participate online or on-site.  
    More Information Here

    ISC 2009 Hamburg, Germany:
    June 23 - 26
    Call for papers: February 1
    Registration opens: March 1
    Intel sponsors

    ITISCE 2009 Paris, France: July 3 - 8
    January 23, 2009 for conference papers, working-groups and panel proposals
    March 25, 2009 for posters and tips, techniques & courseware

    SIGGRAPH2009, New Orleans, USA: August 3 - 7
    Register now
    Intel participates

    Europar 2009 Delft, NL:
    August 25 - 28
    Abstracts due: January 24, 2009
    Papers due: January 31, 2009

    Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco, USA: September 22 - 24
    Registration opens June 17, 2009
    Intel hosts

    Where We Have Been

    Read more on the academic events where we have met with professors, delivered courseware, and participated in the discussions affecting teaching faculty today.

    Since the beginning of 2009, we've participated in

    Microsoft's 'Tech-Ed 08' in Barcelona, November 2008

    Informatics Education Europe III Conference, November 2008

    Supercomputing 08, November 2008

    Asia Academic Forum, October 2008

    The Cannes Film Festival, July 2008

    European Education Design and Technology Conference, June 2008

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