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Magisto*, a Product of SightEra Technologies Limited

Magisto* is a cloud-based video-editing solution for smartphones that applies artificial intelligence to choose content from source clips and produce beautiful finished videos, automatically. Optimization with Intel® Software Development Products enables these demanding tasks to be performed nearly in real time.

Creating a finished video from raw footage can be challenging for mainstream users. The process traditionally requires both proficiency with complex tools and the ability to organize multiple pieces of video, as well as soundtrack audio. As a result, most consumers have kept their video footage in its raw state, without the added polish and professional appearance that full-featured editing can provide.

SightEra Technologies Ltd., a software company located in Israel, saw an opportunity to help mainstream users easily produce videos with a professional look. In this era of ubiquitous smartphones, the company decided that video taken with these devices was the ideal market segment.

The idea of automating the editing process and hosting the heavy-lifting workloads in the cloud completed the inspiration. Intel® Software Development Products made realizing that vision possible. The result is Magisto, an app for iPhones* and Android*that takes the time and effort out of building beautiful videos.

SightEra’s success was assisted by cooperation and co-sponsorship by Intel and the Office of the Chief Scientist within the Israeli Ministry of Industry as part of a collaboration agreement between the two organizations.


  • Enable consumer users to rapidly and easily create professional, high-quality movies using smartphones, even if they have no knowledge of video-editing techniques.
  • Reduce the company’s cost of delivering these capabilities, which depend on large-scale server-side processing in the cloud.


  • Software capabilities based on computer vision and artificial intelligence make many of the content decisions—based on user selections of content clips, title, and soundtrack—to simplify and accelerate editing.
  • Intel® Software Development Tools provide advanced tuning (Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer), high-performance code libraries (Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives), and rich optimization (Intel® Compiler).


  • SightEra Technologies reports exceptional user ratings, with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars for the iPhone* application and 80 percent of the automatically produced videos rated as “good” or “excellent.”1
  • High solution performance produces fast results in the cloud with low resource demands, helping to deliver robust features and functionality while controlling operating costs. case study Multimedia Optimization Intel® Software Development Products Magisto*, a Product of SightEra Technologies Limited

Large-Scale Innovation from a Small-Scale Device

Now that most people carry smartphones with them everywhere, we all have the ability to capture video just about anytime we want to. To transform that content into high-quality videos with minimal effort, users upload raw video footage, a title, and a soundtrack to Magisto’s back-end processing system, which is hosted in Amazon’s cloud. This approach gives a lightweight smartphone app the ability to take advantage of massive processing capabilities that can scale capacity up and down as needed:

  • Proprietary intelligence algorithms use image-analysis technology to identify faces, animals, landscapes, action sequences, movement, and other cues, marking content for inclusion in the finished video.
  • Additional Magisto application logic combines those portions of interest with the user-provided title and soundtrack, as well as effects such as wipes and fades to produce the finished video in just minutes.
  • Social media and other Internet resources such as Facebook*, Twitter*, YouTube*, email, and blogs that are already accessible from the smartphone provide virtually unlimited ways to share the vastly improved video.

Combining the ubiquity of the smartphone and the power and flexibility of the cloud, Magisto analyzes tens of thousands of videos each day.1 Ten million videos from almost three million users have been uploaded, analyzed, and edited by Magisto,1 setting the stage for the company’s continued success.

Tools and Technologies from Intel® Developer Zone Software technologies and tools from Intel played a significant role in bringing Magisto to market. Because the company pays for cloud-based processing based on the capacity used, it was vital to make the code as efficient as possible to reduce costs. Intel Software Development Tools helped the development team meet the challenges associated with building Magisto.

  • Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives provided preoptimized library functions for computer vision that Magisto’s developers simply plugged in, to deliver a highly tuned application while also helping to reduce development effort and time to market.
  • Intel® C++ Compiler produced a highly optimized executable from the developer code, helping take better advantage of the Intel® architecture-based servers in Amazon’s cloud. As a result, Magisto can return finished, high-quality videos quickly, improving the user experience.
  • Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer profiled the application to identify processor hotspots, prioritizing sections of code for the team to optimize. As a result, the overall application achieves higher overall efficiency.

These tools are available through the Intel® Developer Zone, which also provides a treasure trove of technical documentation, best practices, user forums, and other resources that help companies such as Magisto get the full benefit out of tools and technologies from Intel.

Innovation and efficiency are a winning combination for the application’s success. By putting the power to create into its users’ hands, Magisto is making video memories more beautiful.

“ Magisto is just the right product at the right time—make an astonishing video in a click. It’s a new approach to making your video, without the pain and frustration of manual video editing.”
– Oren Boiman, CEO and co-founder, Magisto*

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