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8:01 AM PDT
Intel® Edison Audio Setup Guide
By Joseph Butler (Intel)Posted 05/12/20150
This document provides information about the audio subsystem on the Intel® Edison platform. It also provides hardware/software overviews. The audio features described in the document can be used with the latest firmware available on the Intel® Edison Software Downloads page. The complete documen...
1:58 PM PDT
Flash Tool Lite User Manual
By adminPosted 05/06/20150
Introduction This document explains the installation procedure Flash Tool Lite for Windows*, Linux* and Mac* hosts. The tool is used to flash the firmware on Intel® Edison boards, but will expand to other IoT products in the future. Formerly, this tool was used in working with Intel® based phone...
7:49 AM PDT
Intel® Edison Cloud and Middleware API Guide
By Joseph Butler (Intel)Posted 05/01/20150
Abstract The Intel® Edison Cloud and Middleware library,iotkit-comm, allows network-connected devices to conveniently discover and communicate with each other and the cloud. More specifically, the iotkit-comm library enables developers to write distributed applications composed of clients and se...
7:29 AM PDT
Intel® Edison Native Application Guide
By Joseph Butler (Intel)Posted 05/01/20150
Abstract This document is written for software developers who are developing native software applications with C and C++ on the Intel® Edison Development platform. It covers basic preparation for setting up your host to develop apps for the Intel® Edison Development Board, and provides a sample ...
6:57 AM PDT
Intel® Edison Wi-Fi* Guide
By Joseph Butler (Intel)Posted 05/01/20150
Abstract This document explains the configuration of the Wi-Fi* software stack on Intel® Edison development platform.  It covers Wi-Fi* connections Access Point setup Wi-Fi* Direct For example, it will explain how to scan available networks, auto-reconnect after a reboot, and disable power ma...
6:32 AM PDT
Intel® Edison Bluetooth* Guide
By Joseph Butler (Intel)Posted 05/01/20150
Abstract This document explains how to configure the Bluetooth* software stack on your Intel® Edison board.  It covers the BlueZ* software stack, basic Bluetooth operation, and the setup of various Bluetooth profiles including Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) Advanced Audio Distribution Profil...
6:20 AM PDT
Intel® Edison Board Support Package User Guide
By Joseph Butler (Intel)Posted 05/01/20150
Abstract This document is for software and system engineers who are building and customizing images, kernels, and native SDKs for the Intel® Edison Development Platform. Pre-compiled versions of the Board Support Package (BSP) are available on the Intel® Edison Downloads page. Users who don’t wa...
3:11 PM PDT
Rock out with Intel® Edison board
By JOSEPH W. (Intel)Posted 04/29/20150
This HOW TO aims to explain the various ways to get and play sound with an Intel® Edison board. Only loopback methods will be described, as they are more interactive and let the Edison board behave as a connected device. If a user wants to playback a sound file, they must use an external A2DP b...
3:08 PM PDT
Internet of Things: Using MRAA to Abstract Platform I/O Capabilities
By Jon T.Posted 04/29/20150
Contents 1. Abstract 2. MRAA Overview 2.1. Obtaining MRAA APIs and API Documentation 2.2. GPIO Pin Names 2.3. General MRAA Usage 2.4. MRAA Include Files 3. Using MRAA with Analog Devices 3.1. Voltage Reference 3.2. Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) Resolution 3.3. Interpr...
4:18 PM PDT
The Internet of Things—Analytics: Using the Intel® IoT Analytics Website for Data Mining
By Benjamin L.Posted 04/07/20150
By Dr. Ben Lieberman Interconnected physical devices represent a whole new opportunity for businesses and individuals to take even greater control of their environment. We can now remotely control our homes, vehicles, and workspaces with nothing more than a handheld smartphone. With this high de...
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