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11:36 AM PDT
Removing CPU-GPU sync stalls in Galactic Civilizations* 3
By Raja Bala (Intel)Posted 07/02/20150
Galactic Civilizations* 3 is a turn-based 4X strategy game recently released by Stardock Entertainment. This article describes how Intel® INDE Graphics Performance Analyzer's (GPA) Platform Analyzer was used to improve the game's performance by finding and removing several CPU-GPU sync stalls tha...
11:17 AM PDT
R200 Event Based Sensor Code Sample
By Mike Yi (Intel)Posted 07/02/20150
The Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera Rear R200 (DS4) Event Based Sensor sample illustrates how to use on-board sensors to aid in 3D capture stability when using Intel® RealSense™ technology.
5:35 PM PDT
Intel® XDK FAQs - Debug & Test
By Anusha Muthiah (Intel)Posted 07/01/20150
Q1: What are the requirements for Testing on Wi-Fi? 1) Both Intel XDK and App Preview mobile app must be logged in with the same user credentials. 2) Both devices must be on the same subnet. Note: Your computer's Security Settings m...
5:40 PM PDT
Intel® XDK FAQs - Cordova
By Anusha Muthiah (Intel)Posted 06/30/20150
Q1: How do I set app orientation? If you are using Cordova* 3.X build options (Crosswalk* for Android*, Android*, iOS*, etc.), you can set the orientation under the Projects panel > Select your project > Cordova* 3.X Hybrid Mobile App Settings - Build Settings. Under the Build Settings, y...
12:43 PM PDT
Intel Keynote and Intel technical presentations at Spark Summit West 2015
By Mike Pearce (Intel)Posted 06/30/20150
To find new trends and strong patterns from large complex data sets, a strong analytics foundation is needed. Intel is working closely with Databricks, AMPLab, Spark community and its ecosystem to advance these analytics capabilities…
11:21 AM PDT
Intel® INDE 2015 Release Notes and Installation Guide
By KARTHIYAYINI C. (Intel)Posted 06/30/20150
This page provides the Release Notes for Intel® INDE 2015 with the most recent being listed at the top of the page. For more details, please take a look at the documents on the table below. Intended Audience Software developers interested in a cross-platform productivity suite that enables them...
10:07 AM PDT
Media Client Release notes and support
By Harsh Jain (Intel)Posted 06/30/20150
Intended Audience Software developers interested in a cross-platform API foundation and plugins to develop and optimize video  coding and processing, design products delivering visually stunning media by enabling RAW photo and 4K RAW video processing or deliver quality sound with audio encode &a...
8:27 AM PDT
Send SMS Messages Using Twilio* and Arduino* on Intel® Edison
By adminPosted 06/30/20150
Introduction Intel® Edison is the world’s smallest and most low-power computing platform that was designed for wearable technology such as Internet of Things. It is an Arduino* certified development and prototyping board. The Arduino sketch on Intel® Edison is a C++ program. The sensor technolog...
6:26 AM PDT
Debug SPI BIOS after Power Up Sequence
By Kan Hayashi (Intel)Posted 06/30/20150
Describe how to halt CPU core, after power up sequence including CPU reset deassertion, to read/display SPI BIOS
5:03 PM PDT
5 Reasons to go Pro
By Brenda Christoffer (Intel)Posted 06/29/20150
Intel® Media Server Studio - Professional (Pro) Edition Download Article                  Get a FREE Trial According to a new report, Intel’s new server hardware is gaining market share in video encoding and transcoding1. And many developers are activating hardware acceleration and graphics f...
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