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NetUP Uses Intel® Media SDK to Help Bring the Rio Olympic Games to a Worldwide Audience of Millions
By Sally SamsPosted 11/22/20160
In August of 2016, half a million fans came to Rio de Janeiro to witness 17 days and nights of the Summer Olympics. At the same time, millions more people all over the world were enjoying the competition live in front of their TV screens. Arranging a live TV broadcast to another continent is a d...
9:13 AM PST
Use Case: Intel® Edison Board to Microsoft Azure* Part 1
By adminPosted 11/22/20160
The following use case will provide you with an example of how to implement an IoT solution so that value can be gained through an IoT deployment, using the power of interconnectivity between the board, the gateway, and the cloud. We will dive into detailing the implementation process of the prot...
9:56 PM PST
OpenCL™ Drivers and Runtimes for Intel® Architecture
By Jeffrey M. (Intel)Posted 11/21/20160
What to Download By downloading a package from this page, you accept the End User License Agreement. Installation has two parts: Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications Package Driver and library(runtime) packages The SDK includes components to develop applications.  Usually on a development mach...
10:08 AM PST
Simple, Powerful HPC Clusters Drive High-Speed Design Innovation
By Mike P. (Intel)Posted 11/18/20160
Up to 17x Faster Simulations through Optimized Cluster Computing Scientists and engineers across a wide range of disciplines are facing a common challenge. To be effective, they need to study more complex systems with more variables and greater resolution. Yet they also need timely results to kee...
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testing sample update
By Esther Lederer (Intel)Posted 11/17/20160
testing sample zip file update Download for Windows  
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Close Calls, Hard Choices, and a Dog Named Waffles: Developing Overland*
By adminPosted 11/16/20160
Overland is a work-in-progress that started life as a 2D tablet-based prototype. Winning Best Art Design in the 2016 Intel Level Up Contest has not only raised Overland’s profile among the game community, but also opened the door for access to Intel software tools and optimization expertise, part...
9:54 AM PST
MIT License
By adminPosted 11/16/20160
Copyright (c) 2016 Intel Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, d...
11:01 AM PST
Saffron Technology™ Cognitive API FAQ
By Judith E. (Intel)Posted 11/14/20160
What are synchronous and asynchronous APIs? Saffron’s Thought Processes (THOPs) are user-defined functions that allow you to tie together various Saffron MemoryBase (SMB) and other capabilities using a scripting language. Thought Processes can help perform a wide variety of actions such as: s...
10:23 AM PST
SMB Platform Upgrade Instructions 10.8.0
By Deborah T. (Intel)Posted 11/14/20160
Background Release Notes 10.8.0 Download link Download the following files from Use the serial number that is sent to you via email to begin the download process. saffron-install_10_8_0.bin      rhel6-setup-lite.tgz                 UpgradeSpecifics Step 1. Un...
9:13 AM PST
Saffron Technology™ Elements
By Judith E. (Intel)Posted 11/14/20160
Saffron Technology™ Elements is a robust developer solution that includes APIs, Widgets, and other items that enable you to take advantage of Saffron's many offerings.
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