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testing points :11221
By Dennis G.Posted 08/09/20170
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Intel® Parallel Computing Center at New York University Center for Data Science
By adminPosted 08/09/20170
Principal Investigators: Joan Bruna graduated from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain) in both Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. He obtained an M.Sc. in applied mathematics from ENS Cachan (France). He then became a research engineer in an image processing startup, de...
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Intel® Parallel Computing Center at University of Liverpool UK
By adminPosted 08/09/20170
Principal Investigators: Dr Vitaliy Kurlin is a mathematician by training and has completed his PhD in Geometry and Topology at Moscow State University in 2003. He was a Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow in 2005-2007 and was awarded the EPSRC grant “Persistent Topological Structures in...
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Intel Optimized Tensorflow Wheel Now Available
By Christopher H. (Intel)Posted 08/09/20170
Intel's Tensorflow optimizations are now available for Linux as a wheel installable through pip. For more information on the optimizations as well as performance data, see this blog post. To install the wheel into an existing Python installation, simply run # Python 2.7 pip install https://ana...
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Using GraphicsMagick with Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
By Jing X. (Intel)Posted 08/09/20170
GraphicsMagick ( is a popular library for image processing, encoding, and decoding. The patch provided with Intel® IPP 2018 injects functions from the Intel® IPP library to C Magick API of the GraphicsMagick to boost performance with minimal user efforts. Please re...
11:44 PM PDT
Domain Transform with MKL -- Fourier Transform & Discrete Cosine Transform
By Jing X. (Intel)Posted 08/08/20170
Domain transform is a group of mathematical calculations that transform a set of signal data from one domain into another. E.g., from time-domain, where signal changes over time, to frequency-domain, where signal lies within each given frequency band over a range of frequencies. In some cases, th...
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How to tell CPU model, when running under hypervisor that spoofs CPUID
By alexander-komarov (Intel)Posted 08/08/20170
When running in a virtual machine, you may never be sure which physical CPU you are running on - hypervisor can pass anything as CPUID. For best performance, it helps to use the best instruction set supported by a physical CPU - be it AVX512, AVX2, AVX, SSE4.1, AES-NI, or other accelerated instru...
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Enhancing VR Immersion with the CPU in Star Trek™: Bridge Crew
By CRISTIANO F. (Intel)Posted 08/07/20170
Virtual Reality (VR) is a segment where the combination of environmental interaction, enhanced physics simulation, and destruction can become the frosting on the cake that keeps a player in your game and wanting more. This article will take you through each of the CPU-intensive features implement...
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Explore the GPIO Example Application
By adminPosted 08/07/20170
Description In this example application, you'll learn how to interact with the Terasic* DE10-Nano board's digital I/O: 8 green user LEDs 4 slide switches User push button The peripherals used to drive the LEDs, and read the switch settings are implemented as “soft” GPIO peripherals within the...
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A Scalable Path to Commercial IoT Solutions
By adminPosted 08/04/20170
Fast Track Your Development Cycle from Prototype to Production Get to your development goal with hardware, software, and data solutions that work together seamlessly, at scale—and securely. From the cloud right out the to the edge, Intel® IoT Technology offers a complete ecosystem for the connec...
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