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10:33 AM PST
Fantastic Contraption Pioneers Mixed-Reality Virtual Reality Game Trailers
By Garret RomainePosted 01/25/20180
Virtual Reality (VR) game trailers require rigorous planning and production, because the job of communicating activity in a 3D world through a 2D video can be challenging. Leading game-trailer producers have turned to mixed reality to showcase a third-person view of the player, shot against a gre...
4:20 PM PST
Schell Games: Former Disney VR Creative Director Wants to Make the World a Better Place
By adminPosted 01/24/20180
VR and AR, then, are important focal points for Schell Games and its 110 staff, but Schell is a big believer in diversity’s ability to make a company stronger and thus doesn’t like to put the studio in a box. So the studio makes VR and AR games, but it also develops games for other platforms too.
12:34 PM PST
Deep Learning for Cancer Diagnosis: A Bright Future
By Manish Kumar Saraf (Intel)Posted 01/24/20180
In this article we explore how deep learning has been successfully applied to potential areas of oncology (the study of cancer diagnosis and treatment). It provides an insight into deep learning for medical and paramedical professionals, educators, and students.
11:30 AM PST
Watch How VRWERX Built a Virtual Haunted House
By adminPosted 01/24/20180
Universal Studios is no stranger to horror movies. So it makes sense that the creators of a virtual reality horror game happen to work on the studio lot. And recently, VRWERX managing partners Alex Barder and Russell Naftal invited us to their office to find out what it takes to build thrilling V...
4:20 PM PST
Boosting Deep Learning Training & Inference Performance on Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processors
By Vikram S. (Intel)Posted 01/23/20180
View PDF In this work we present how, without a single line of code change in the framework, we can further boost the performance for deep learning training by up to 2X and inference by up to 2.7X on top of the current software optimizations available from open source TensorFlow* and Caffe* on I...
3:09 PM PST
Intel® Parallel Computing Center at National Renewable Energy Laboratory
By adminPosted 01/23/20180
Principal Investigators: Michael Sprague is a senior scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Mike’s research interests include high-performance computing and computational mechanics. He is leading several projects in wind energy, including a U.S. Department of Energy Exascale Co...
2:32 PM PST
Temporally Stable Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing (TSCMAA)
By Sungye K.Posted 01/23/20180
This article describes Temporally Stable Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing (TSCMAA), which was designed and developed as a multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA) alternate technique to provide better temporal stability and performance workaround for Virtual Reality (VR) applications.
10:34 AM PST
Review of Architecture and Optimization on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors in context of Intel® Optimized TensorFlow* on Intel® AI DevCloud
By Srivatsa S.Posted 01/23/20180
When I joined the Intel® Student Developer Program in late 2017 I was pretty excited to try the Intel® Xeon® scalable processor[1] that is a part of the Intel® AI DevCloud they launched roughly at the same time. Just to get everyone on same page I would like to begin with what Intel Xeon Scalable...
8:12 AM PST
Get Ready, Get Noticed, Get Big: A Practical Guide to Marketing Your Indie Game
By Garret RomainePosted 01/23/20181
Intel’s new Get Ready, Get Noticed, Get Big initiative is designed to help indie game developers with vital tools, information, and guidance during each stage of the marketing process. This marketing guide is a go-to resource packed with current content for vital individuals and small teams tryin...
7:49 AM PST
Emulating Applications with Intel® SDE and Control Flow Enforcement Technology
By Ady Tal (Intel)Posted 01/23/20180
Background Intel® control-flow enforcement technology (CET) is a feature for security to guard from ROP (return oriented programming) and JOP (indirect jump oriented programming). Intel SDE provides an emulation to this feature that include: Stack checks Indirect branch checks Running Intel SD...
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