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Overview of Intel Protected File System Library Using Software Guard Extensions
By Selvaraj, Surenthar (Intel)Posted 12/19/20161
Intel® Protected File System Library A new feature called Intel Protection File System Library is introduced in the Intel SGX 1.7 Release. This Library is used to create, operate and delete files inside the enclave.  To make use of the Intel Protected File system Library we need the following re...
11:54 PM PDT
Integration Wrappers for Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP)
By Chao Y (Intel)Posted 08/30/20170
To provide easy-to-use APIs and reduce the effort required to add Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) functions to your application, Intel® IPP library introduces new Integration Wrappers APIs. These APIs aggregate multiple Intel® IPP functions and provide easy interfaces to sup...
1:56 PM PDT
Intel® Parallel Computing Center at Tsinghua University - School of Life Sciences
By adminPosted 08/21/20170
Principle Investigator: Xueming Li has been researching electron microscopy for more than fifteen years, aiming to make the atomic resolution more obtainable. His previous efforts on an electron-counting camera significantly contributed to the resolution revolution of electron cryo-microscopy ...
12:18 PM PDT
Intel® Parallel Computing Center at Shanghai Jiao Tong University
By adminPosted 08/21/20170
Principle Investigator: Zheng-Ming Sheng is a distinguished professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a fellow of the American Physical Society (APS). He has served as a member in the scientific advisory committee of the European project ELI and a committee member of the International Com...
7:43 AM PDT
Intel Distribution for Python: pyDAAL module
By Sergey Maidanov (Intel)Posted 08/21/20170
What is it? pyDAAL is a free package which implements Python bindings to the Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library, or Intel® DAAL. Why do I need it?   If you’re a data scientist or a machine learning specialist who cares about performance and scalability of your data analytics problem...
7:54 PM PDT
Getting Started in Linux with Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications
By Jeffrey M. (Intel)Posted 08/16/20170
This article is a step by step guide to quickly get started developing using Intel®  SDK for OpenCL™ Applications with the Linux SRB5 driver package.  The OpenCL driver is a prerequisite for using the GPU capabilities of Intel® Computer Vision SDK or Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit. Inst...
2:13 PM PDT
Developing for Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT)
By Foster, Whitney (Intel)Posted 08/16/20170
Intro Managing a fleet of computers can be a complex task with computers in hard to reach places, powered off, or with their physical whereabouts unknown. While those are just a few of the on-site challenges, management service providers (MSP) have the added challenge of servicing the computers ...
8:54 AM PDT
The Open vSwitch* Exact-Match Cache
By Billy O. (Intel)Posted 08/15/20170
The Exact Match Cache is the first and fastest mechanism used by Open vSwitch* (OVS) to determine what to do with an incoming packet. See its role in the OVS workflow and learn about its key features.
2:17 PM PDT
Intel® Parallel Computing Center at NERSC, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
By adminPosted 08/14/20170
Principal Investigators: Prabhat leads the Data and Analytics Services Group at NERSC. He is responsible for the big data software stack at NERSC, in this role, he tracks technologies spanning data analytics, management, workflows, transfer, portals/gateways and visualization. His personal res...
10:54 AM PDT
Introduction to Programming with Persistent Memory from Intel
By USHARANI U. (Intel)Posted 08/14/20170
Persistent memory (PMEM) from Intel enables memory performance with storage persistence for application data. Learn how you can start coding for this new techology today, even without PMEM hardware.
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