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2:27 PM PDT
Exploring 1:N transcoding pipelines with Intel® Media Server Studio
By eric-sardella (Intel)Posted 07/15/20160
This whitepaper details the architectural and design decisions that are necessary when using Intel Media Server Studio to develop a 1:N transcoding pipeline - whereas one input stream would be transcoded to multiple (N) outputs to target the different end-user device profiles.
2:07 PM PDT
Crowdfunding Home Security - The Story of Orbii (So Far)
By Niven S. (Intel)Posted 07/15/20160
When Orbii Co-Founder Omar Barlas was shopping for a camera to set up in his home two years ago, he didn’t know it would lead to a brand-new business venture. But when he wasn’t able to find what he was looking for—a single device that was drivable from room to room—he decided to make it himsel...
10:30 AM PDT
The Java* Application Component Workload for Android*: Real Java* Application Use Cases for Android*
By Aleksey Ignatenko (Intel)Posted 07/15/20160
Java* ACW for Android is a Java workload designed to stress real application components that in turn influence UX on Android Java-based applications. It is intended to help app developers write better apps, and Android VM engineers to better optimize existing libraries and Java runtime performanc...
1:41 PM PDT
API without Secrets: Introduction to Vulkan* Part 4
By Pawel L. (Intel)Posted 07/14/20160
This tutorial presents how to add vertex attributes to a graphics pipeline and how to create vertex buffers and bind them during command buffer recording. It teaches how to create memory objects that backs buffer storage, and how map them to upload data from the CPU to the GPU. Here also dynamic ...
2:40 PM PDT
Intel Continues Quest for New Talent, as SMU Guildhall Dazzles With Fire and Ice
By adminPosted 07/13/20160
Imagine that you are Kaya, a young woman of the northern tribe. Your people worship the nature goddess but, having fallen out of favor with this celestial being, are now denied the sacred knowledge of fire and ice. Your task: traverse an ancient temple to learn the power of these elemental forces...
2:49 PM PDT
Intel Inside. Software Optimization Outside on the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Product Family
By Mike P. (Intel)Posted 07/12/20160
Experts from Allinea, Altair, Convergent Science, and Kitware share some of the use cases and explore the significant advantages of running their applications on the Intel® Xeon Phi™ product family. David DeMarle (R&D Engineer, Kitware, Inc.) speaks on the engineering advantages of the In...
1:32 PM PDT
Robotics Development Kit Blink LED Tutorial
By Rodolfo C. (Intel)Posted 07/12/20160
This Intel® RealSense™ Robotics Development Kit tutorial shows you how to configure a "Hello World" external LED blink using the GPIO pins on the UP board included with the kit.
8:02 AM PDT
vHost User Multiqueue for Open vSwitch* with DPDK: Basic configuration and usage
By Ian S. (Intel)Posted 07/12/20160
This tutorial describes how to increase bandwidth to VM vHost-user port types in an Open vSwitch with DPDK server deployment, covering two use cases for using vHost-user multiqueue with a VM on OVS with the DPDK. It demonstrates the utility commands to configure mutliqueue at the vSwitch, QEMU, a...
9:44 PM PDT
Profiling DPDK Code with Intel® VTune™ Amplifier
By Muthurajan Jayakumar (Intel)Posted 07/10/20160
This article is a comprehensive reference, providing cook book style guidelines for installation and use of Intel® VTune™ Amplifier, Run and profile some DPDK micro benchmarks.
12:02 PM PDT
OpenGL* Performance Tips: Atomic Counter Buffers versus Shader Storage Buffer Objects
By praveen-kundurthy (Intel)Posted 07/10/20160
Accompanying this article is a simple C++ application that alternates between SSBOs and ACBs. Game developers can see the effect of both methods on rendering performance (milliseconds per frame). While this article refers to graphical game developers, the concepts apply to all applications that u...
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