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2:22 PM PDT
Enhancing Outlier Detection with Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library
By Nguyen, Khang TPosted 03/21/20170
Introduction How do credit card companies detect fraud or abuse? How do network administrators discover intrusions? How do scientists know whether or not their experiments run correctly? In order to do these things, they analyze the data set and look for data points that are out of normality. F...
12:49 PM PDT
Using Intel® Omni-Path Architecture
By Nguyen, Loc QPosted 03/21/20170
This document shows how to install the Intel® Omni-Path Host Fabric Interface (Intel® OP HFI) card and the Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) software on the host. It also describes how to verify the link and port status, perform the necessary steps to bring the stack up, and run a test o...
9:43 AM PDT
Testing DPDK Performance and Features with TestPMD
By Pablo D. (Intel)Posted 03/21/20175
Learn how to build and configure the DPDK TestPMD application, and how to use it to check the performance and features of different network devices using DPDK.
9:32 AM PDT
OpenCV* at the Edge: Counting People
By Foster, WhitneyPosted 03/21/20170
Intro The Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud is currently moving down from the server farms to the Gateway to do computing at the edge. The amount of data generated by sensors every second is staggering, filtering that data at the edge before it goes to the cloud can reduce some of the noise, be mor...
5:58 PM PDT
Autonomous Vehicle and Remote Surveillance with the Intel® Edison Platform
By Chandler, MattPosted 03/20/20170
  Introduction This article will investigate using the Intel® Edison platform for small scale autonomous vehicle and remote surveillance. Materials ● Hardware Here we use the Devastator Tank* Mobile Robot Platform from DFRobot*, a mobile robotics platform that uses a Romeo* board powered ...
4:09 PM PDT
Code Sample Guide
By (name withheld)Posted 03/20/20170
Code samples are simple, self-contained, compilable, source code example of a concept or implementation of a application feature, product feature, library usage, computing technique, or algorithm.​ These "packages" of code are directly downloadable and provide a starting point for developers to i...
2:28 PM PDT
How to Create a Support Request at Online Service Center
By Elizabeth S (Intel)Posted 03/20/20170
If you have purchased an Intel® Software Development Tools product, please go to Intel® Registration Center to register your product and obtain a support account.  You will receive priority support at the Online Service Center web site for the duration of your support period. Requesting Support ...
9:54 AM PDT
Tencent Ultra-Cold Storage System Optimization with Intel® ISA-L – A Case Study
By Xiaodong L. (Intel)Posted 03/17/20170
Describes the collaboration between Tencent and Intel to optimize the ultra-cold storage project in Tencent File System* (TFS) using the XOR functions in Intel® ISA-L.
11:31 PM PDT
SGX and Side-Channels
By Simon Johnson (Intel)Posted 03/16/20170
Since launching Software Guard Extensions ("SGX") on Intel® 6th Generation CORE™ processors in 2015 there have been a number of academic articles looking at various usage models and the security of SGX. Some of these papers focus on a class of attack known as a side-channel attack; where the atta...
8:10 AM PDT
Parallel STL Release Notes
By Alexey M. (Intel)Posted 03/16/20170
*draft* Find the latest Release Notes for Parallel STL This page provides the current Release Notes for the Parallel STL for Linux*, Windows* and OS X* products. All files are in TXT format.
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