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2:07 PM PDT
Intel® Parallel Computing Center at IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center
By adminPosted 06/23/20150
Principal Investigators: Vít Vondrák, Ph.D. is the scientific director at IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center and associate professor at VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO). His expertise is in numerical linear algebra, optimization methods, and high performance computing...
1:19 PM PDT
Intel® Video Pro Analyzer features quick overview
By Alexey Fadeev (Intel)Posted 06/23/20150
Intel (R) Video Pro Analyzer 2015 Majority of modern video compression standards files in Elementary streams and transport stream, MP4, MKV containers HEVC – all profiles v1 (Main, Main10) and v2 Rext VP9 – whole spec support Profiles 0...
3:30 AM PDT
Using Intel MKL and Intel TBB in the same application
By Gennady Fedorov (Intel)Posted 06/23/20150
Intel MKL 11.3 Beta has introduced Intel TBB support. Intel MKL 11.3 can increase performance of applications threaded using Intel TBB. Applications using Intel TBB can benefit from the following Intel MKL functions:          BLAS dot, gemm, gemv, gels          LAPACK getrf, getrs, syev, gels,...
1:02 AM PDT
How to check and read the postcode in early boot-up stage by Intel System Debugger(R)
By JONG IL P. (Intel)Posted 06/23/20150
1. Background     During developing the system with the Intel platform, you may face with the problem that system cannot boot-up even in the very early stage of boot-up. To identify the issue, you connect the JTAG and use the Intel System Debugger(R) for the source line debugging. If there,howev...
8:26 AM PDT
Android Wear* through ADB
By Anna B. (Intel)Posted 06/22/20150
The combination of the modern technologies like Intel Quark processors and the Android Wear operating system opens up new opportunities for application development. As you can see, Android developers experienced in creating apps for the mobile industry can easily shift to creating apps for wearab...
4:11 AM PDT
By ROMAN P. (Intel)Posted 06/22/20150
10:52 AM PDT
Intel® IoT Developer Program Expands for Commercial Solutions
By Joseph Butler (Intel)Posted 06/19/20150
Announcing the expansion of the Intel® IoT Developer Program to include hardware, software, tools, and resources for commercial development!  Professional developers can use these resources to take innovative ideas from prototype to production.  Optimized for IoT, these tools offer the flexibilit...
8:09 AM PDT
Customized Content and the Move from Cable to Mobile TV
By Eliana P. (Intel)Posted 06/19/20150
Technology has had such an impact on entertainment and it continues to change so fast that it’s hard to keep up.  Not only has technology changed the nature of storytelling, it can now deliver content from around the world, where before you were stuck with whatever your local stations happened to...
11:26 PM PDT
Accelerate Data Deduplication Using Chunking and Hashing Functions
By Thai Le (Intel)Posted 06/18/20150
Abstract This article covers the chunking and hashing functions found in the Intel® Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library (Intel® ISA-L).  Intel ISA-L is the algorithmic library that addresses key storage market needs including optimization for Intel® architecture (IA) and enhancing efficienc...
3:44 PM PDT
Extra, extra – read all about it! Technology delivers an updated newspaper experience.
By Eliana P. (Intel)Posted 06/18/20150
Despite the fact newspapers have served as a largely trusted communication medium for over 300 years[1], it seems in recent times, they have gotten a bit of a bad rap.  Viewed by the younger demographic as possibly being ‘old-school’ and not necessarily environmentally friendly, statistics have a...
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