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11:14 AM PDT
Boost Quality and Performance of Media Applications with the Latest Intel HEVC Encoder/Decoder
By adminPosted 09/14/20170
by Terry Deem, product marketing engineer, Intel Developer Products Division    Media and video application developers can tune for even more brilliant visual quality and fast performance with new HEVC technology inside the just released Intel® Media Server Studio Professional Edition (2017 R3)...
10:53 AM PDT
Code Sample: Sound Detector
By adminPosted 09/14/20170
This smart sound detector application is part of a series of how-to Internet of Things (IoT) code sample exercises using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and a compatible Intel® IoT Platform, cloud platforms, APIs, and other technologies.
10:31 AM PDT
Code Sample: Color Match Game
By adminPosted 09/14/20170
This Color Match Game application is part of a series of how-to Internet of Things (IoT) code sample exercises using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit, and a compatible Intel® IoT Platform cloud platforms, APIs, and other technologies.
1:55 AM PDT
Introducing Batch GEMM Operations
By Fiona Z. (Intel)Posted 09/14/20172
The general matrix-matrix multiplication (GEMM) is a fundamental operation in most scientific, engineering, and data applications. There is an everlasting desire to make this operation run faster. Optimized numerical libraries like Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) typically offer parallel ...
11:56 AM PDT
Usage of Intel® Performance Libraries with Intel® C++ Compiler in Visual Studio
By Varsha M. (Intel)Posted 09/13/20170
  Affected products: Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016, 2017 or 2018; Intel® System Studio 2016, 2017Visual Studio versions: all supported Visual Studio, see Intel C++ Compiler Release Notes for details. Compilation of application with use of Intel® Performance Libraries by Intel® C++ Compiler fai...
9:39 AM PDT
Face It – The Artificially Intelligent Hairstylist
By Pallab P.Posted 09/13/20170
Abstract Face It is a mobile application that uses computer vision to acquire data about a user’s facial structure as well as machine learning to determine the user’s face shape. This information is then combined with manually inputted information to give the user a personalized set of hair and ...
8:33 AM PDT
How to upgrade an existing floating license manager on Linux
By Jennifer D. (Intel)Posted 09/13/20170
As of version 2.5, the Intel® Software License Manager download package for Linux* uses an installer similar to Intel software development tools.  This is a change from older versions which were simply extracted to a folder.  If you already have a pre-2.5 version of the license manager installed ...
11:06 PM PDT
Cross Development Environment with Intel® System Studio 2018
By Jing X. (Intel)Posted 09/12/20170
Intel® System Studio 2018 introduces two functionalities to help developers to cross build their code for Linux/Android target system on Windows. As shown in the following figure, there are two types of new project: Project for building in a container and running on Linux This new project type t...
10:29 PM PDT
The 32-bit wrappers are deprecated in Intel® Compiler 18.0
By Duan, Xiaoping (Intel)Posted 09/11/20170
Version: Intel C++ Compiler 18.0 Intel Fortran Compiler 18.0 Operating System: Linux* The support of 32-bit wrappers are deprecated in Intel® Compiler 18.0 and will be removed in the future version. There will be a deprecation message issued when any wrapper program in the "bin/ia32" directory...
9:21 PM PDT
ISD-Easily configure/connect to different HW platforms via TCA (Target Connection Agent)
By Soflen S. (Intel)Posted 09/11/20170
Intel® System Debugger (ISD) Intel® System Debugger (ISD) is a debugging tool set which is part of Intel ® System Studio (ISS). ISD is composed by 3 debugging tools for Windows* and 2 debugging tools for Linux* respectively. They are System Debug, System Trace, and WinDbg* extension (Windows* on...
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