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Getting started with using MKL in Intel® System Studio IDE
By Jing X. (Intel)Posted 11/29/20170
Contents 1 Introduction                                                                                                        11.1 Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 1.2 Preliminary Requirements . . . . . . . . . ....
10:23 PM PST
ndk-build error after Intel® C++ Compiler integration with Android* NDK r16
By yang-wang (Intel)Posted 11/28/20170
Issue description There is an issue discovered with integration of Intel® C++ compiler toolchains into Android NDK r16. After integration of Intel® System Studio 2018 with Android NDK r16, if NDK_TOOLCHAIN is not set explicitly in the or from ndk-build option, you would see the e...
9:22 PM PST
Analog Gauge Reader Using OpenCV in Python*
By Joseph B. (Intel)Posted 11/28/20170
This sample application takes an image or frame of an analog gauge and reads the value using computer vision. It consists of two parts: the calibration and the measurement. During calibration, the user gives the application an image of the gauge to calibrate, and it prompts the user to enter the ...
10:43 AM PST
Potential 'NaN' results with Windows users on MKL 2018.0.1
By David L. (Intel)Posted 11/28/20170
Certain Intel® Distribution for Python* 2.7 users on Windows may experience occasional NaN results when computing remainder from division of two floating point numbers, as computed by function fmod. This affects math.fmod, Python's built-in operation %, numpy.fmod, as well as fmod uses through th...
12:00 AM PST
Intel® Security Dev API: Go Developer Guide
By Benjamin F. (Intel)Posted 11/28/20170
Introduction Intel® Security Dev API is an API library that makes it easy for application developers to provision RSA private keys onto Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) using the Go programming language. APIs This release of the API library provides a Go wrapper that allow...
1:20 PM PST
Getting Started Guide for the Intel® Speech Enabling Developer Kit
By adminPosted 11/27/20170
Introduction Designed to enable commercial Smart Home device manufacturers to create new experiences with speech recognition capabilities using Amazon Alexa* Voice Service on Intel® silicon, the Intel® Speech Enabling Developer Kit can be used to create a diverse ecosystem of Smart Home devices ...
10:04 AM PST
Edge Data Processing POC with the UP Squared* Board
By Foster, Whitney (Intel)Posted 11/27/20170
Intro With the amount of continuously generated data on the rise, the cost to upload and store that data in the cloud is increasing. Data is being gathered faster than it is stored and immediate action is often required. Sending all the data to the cloud can result in latency and presents risks ...
4:09 PM PST
Using BigDL to Build Image Similarity-Based House Recommendations
By Jason Dai (Intel)Posted 11/22/20170
Overview This paper introduces an image-based house recommendation system that was built between MLSListings* and Intel® using BigDL1 on Microsoft Azure*. Using Intel’s BigDL distributed deep learning framework, the recommendation system is designed to play a role in the home buying experience t...
12:07 AM PST
How to Use Intel® Debugger Extension for WinDbg*
By Soflen S. (Intel)Posted 11/22/20170
ABSTRACT Intel® System Debugger is a debugging tool kit which is part of Intel® System Studio. ISD is composed by tree debugging tools: System Debug, System Trace, and Intel® Debug Extensions for WinDbg* (Windows* only). This WinDbg* extension is an extension for the Microsoft* WinDbg*. The orig...
3:57 PM PST
Carestream Delivers Fast Access to Clinical Imaging from the Cloud
By Mike P. (Intel)Posted 11/21/20170
Overcoming network latency and bandwidth challenges on the way to giving healthcare providers a cloud-based, FDA-compliant enterprise imaging solution Fast diagnoses save lives and minimize uncertainty for patients, so doctors and physicians need on-demand access to critical information wherever...
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