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8:32 PM PDT
Intel® System Studio 2016 for FreeBSD* Beta
By Kittur Ganesh (Intel)Posted 06/28/20150
Intel® System Studio (ISS) 2016 for FreeBSD* Beta provides a comprehensive embedded tool suite solution for developing, optimizing, tuning and deploying 64-bit system and application C, C++ code running natively on FreeBSD* host systems. This product release includes the following components: In...
5:18 PM PDT
Optimizing Power for Interactions between Virus Scanners and Pre-bundled Software
By thomas-pantels (Intel)Posted 06/26/20150
Download PDF Introduction Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Lenovo,Toshiba, Dell, etc. ship their desktop PCs, laptops, and Ultrabook™ devices with software already installed on them (bundled applications) in order to help make their products more appealing to their customers. Most l...
9:59 AM PDT
Music as means of an escape: harmonious benefits made easy.
By Marion K (Intel)Posted 06/26/20150
In the course of daily life, little can feel harmonious. We deal with work stress, hectic schedules, commutes, families, and time constraints to fit everything in. We try to remember the importance of incorporating ways to de-stress. Some people enjoy getting lost in a book. Others make time earl...
9:38 AM PDT
Reel to reel becomes the real deal. Edit your footage like a pro.
By Marion K (Intel)Posted 06/26/20150
You get a certain feeling of warmth when tuning into old family home movies. Beyond watching a parent as a young child or even seeing your grandparent in younger days, is just the vintage-style of it all transforming us to another time in the life of our family. Life somehow seemed simpler then, ...
9:21 AM PDT
Next Level Navigation and Speed Tracking on a Smart Device
By Marion K (Intel)Posted 06/26/20150
Precision means everything when it comes to crunching speed and acceleration. Picture this: you are a geologist charting a remote beach on an island in Indonesia. This particular beach is only accessible at certain times of day because of the tide and land formations in the surrounding area. To ...
1:46 AM PDT
Simple optimization methodology with Intel System Studio ( VTune, C++ Compiler, Cilk Plus )
By JON J K. (Intel)Posted 06/26/20150
Introduction:  In this article, we introduce an easy optimization methodology that includes Intel® Cilk™ Plus and Intel® C++ Compiler based on the performance analysis using Intel® VTune amplifier. Intel® System Studio 2015 that containes the mentioned components was used for this article. Inte...
4:41 PM PDT
Mapping Intrinsics for the Intel® C++ Compiler from the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor x100 to the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor x200
By loc-nguyen (Intel)Posted 06/25/20150
This document intends to provide some useful information for porting code with intrinsics from the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor x100 to the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor x200. It lists all intrinsics for the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor x100 Product Family, broken down by categories. For each catego...
11:33 AM PDT
Is personalizing your browser kind of a drag? Simplify things and get your experience moving swimmingly.
By Eliana P. (Intel)Posted 06/24/20150
At times, there’s an irony in the fact that technology is continually being developed and evolving to make our lives easier. In most cases, that is absolutely true. But on a given day when you are frustrated with something not operating up to your expectations (user error, or not), that probably ...
2:07 PM PDT
Intel® Parallel Computing Center at IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center
By adminPosted 06/23/20150
Principal Investigators: Vít Vondrák, Ph.D. is the scientific director at IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center and associate professor at VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO). His expertise is in numerical linear algebra, optimization methods, and high performance computing...
1:19 PM PDT
Intel® Video Pro Analyzer features quick overview
By Alexey Fadeev (Intel)Posted 06/23/20150
Intel (R) Video Pro Analyzer 2015 Majority of modern video compression standards files in Elementary streams and transport stream, MP4, MKV containers HEVC – all profiles v1 (Main, Main10) and v2 Rext VP9 – whole spec support Profiles 0...
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