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8:49 PM PDT
Unable to read and write using C++ file stream
By om-sachan (Intel)Posted 08/24/20090
For years in Fortran95, I've been reading and writing files into various directories of my choice, thus keeping our data files in an orderly fashion. However, now I am shocked to find that you can't do anything like that in C++.
10:54 AM PDT
delete operator causes an internal error
By Jennifer J. (Intel)Posted 08/24/20090
Reference Number : DPD200110776Version : Intel® C++ Compiler for Windows version 11.0 or earlierOperating System : WindowsProblem Description : When using "delete" operator in your template class methods, it confuses the compiler when you pass an array as template class parameter. Sample.c:templa...
10:14 AM PDT
The default icc behavior favors speed over IEEE floating point compliance
By om-sachan (Intel)Posted 08/24/20090
Intel compiler uses /fp-model fast=1 as defaults. This optimization favors speed over standards compliance. You may use /fp-model precise to get compliant code.
8:54 AM PDT
Intel thread affinity environment variable for OpenMP*
By om-sachan (Intel)Posted 08/24/20091
Intel thread affinity environment variable KMP_AFFINITY for openMP is explained in Compiler Intel® compiler user guide topic “Thread Affinity Interface (Linux* and Windows*)”.
8:51 AM PDT
Effect of wrong value returned by time() system call
By om-sachan (Intel)Posted 08/24/20090
If time() system call does not report correct value, then profile guided optimization gets affected in icc.
2:58 AM PDT
Excluding functions from code coverage report
By om-sachan (Intel)Posted 08/24/20090
You may use code coverage option -onelinedsbl INFEASIBLE to exclude function from you’re your code coverage report.
4:26 PM PDT
Making the Monte Carlo Approach Even Easier and Faster
By Andrey Naraikin (Intel)Posted 08/21/20090
Introduction The name Monte Carlo was originally introduced by Nicholas Metropolis during the Manhattan Project, because of the similarity of statistical simulation to games of chance. Methods that utilize random numbers to perform a simulation of phenomena have many applications in various disci...
1:43 PM PDT
A Quick Peek Under the Hood of Intel® Parallel Inspector (Memory Checking)
By Levent (Intel)Posted 08/21/20091
In this article I’ll focus on the leak detection and memory checker technologies and will show what is happening under the hood. Intel® Parallel Inspector tracks all memory allocations and accesses using a binary instrumentation tool called Pin.
2:55 PM PDT
Using Intel® Cluster Checker Global Configuration Options
By Matias Cabral Bianchi (Intel)Posted 08/20/20090
This article describes how to use the global configuration capabilities of Intel® Cluster Checker.
1:07 PM PDT
Understanding Intel® Cluster Checker Debug Output and the Secure Shell (SSH)
By Jeremy Siadal (Intel)Posted 08/20/20090
This article describes how to interpret debug output from the Intel Cluster Checker.
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