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1:58 PM PST
16bit 3D Convolution: SSE4+OpenMP implementation on Penryn CPU
By Zvi Danovich (Intel)Posted 01/26/20092
Attached presentation describes SSE3/SSE4 implementation of 3D Convolution for 16bit original data. SSE Speed-up (comparing with serial code) is ~3x, OpenMP on 2way Harpertown (Penryn) machine rises it ~6x, therefore overall speed-up SSE+OpenMP is ~18x. Please, find attached: PowerPoint presen...
3:26 PM PST
Main features - FAQ
By Andrey Derbunovich (Intel)Posted 01/23/20090
A quick overview of the main features of the Intel® MPI Library.
3:11 PM PST
Product limitations
By Andrey Derbunovich (Intel)Posted 01/23/20090
Special features and known issues with the Intel® MPI Library for Linux*.
4:22 AM PST
How to Identify Load Imbalances Using Intel® Parallel Amplifier
By adminPosted 01/23/20090
Intel® Parallel Amplifier provides three different analysis methods and concurrency analysis is one of them. Concurrency analysis in summary measures how the application utilizes the available processors on a given system.
1:34 PM PST
New Version of the Intel Software Development Emulator released
By anonymousPosted 01/22/20090
A new version of the Intel® Software Development Emulator (1.61) has been released on This version of includes support for SSE4, AES and PCLMULQDQ and the Intel® AVX instruction and includes a new 3-operand FMA instructions, removed VPERMIL2{PS,PD}, new footprint feature,...
11:17 AM PST
Installation of Intel® Parallel Inspector on non-English Windows* Operating Systems
By anonymousPosted 01/21/20090
Please refer to /en-us/articles/installation-of-intel-parallel-amplifier-on-non-english-operating-systems
5:52 PM PST
How to use Intel® Parallel Inspector with application compiled with symbols but source files are not available
By adminPosted 01/20/20090
This is same as the Intel® Parallel Amplifier. Please refer to /en-us/articles/how-to-use-amplifier-with-application-compiled-with-symbols-but-source-files-are-not-available
2:38 PM PST
Using the differencing feature in Intel® Parallel Amplifier to find performance regressions
By adminPosted 01/20/20090
Using the differencing feature in Intel® Parallel Amplifier to find performance regression. Show the differences at function level.
4:05 PM PST
What information should I include when reporting an issue with the Intel® Parallel Inspector?
By shwetha-doss (Intel)Posted 01/19/20090
When discussing an issue in a forum post , please be prepared to provide the following information:• If Intel® Parallel Inspector crashes, it should present the following dialog and create a file. Please upload the file to the forum post . • Information about product logs and s...
9:55 AM PST
Compiler Settings for Memory Error Analysis in Intel Parallel Inspector
By Eric W Moore (Intel)Posted 01/19/20090
A list of compiler switches which have impact on Memory Error Analysis in Intel® Parallel Inspector
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