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11:13 AM PDT
Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors Deliver Performance Boosts for IT and Developers
By Jason Kennedy (Intel)Posted 11/02/20170
Ongoing improvements to Aerospike* software and Intel® architecture deliver substantial performance gains with the latest generation of the database and Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
8:59 AM PDT
Announcing Arduino Create* Support for Intel®-Based Platforms and the UP Squared* Grove* IoT Development Kit
By Ajay Mungara (Intel)Posted 11/02/20170
We are excited to announce the release of Arduino Create* support for commercial and production grade Intel®- based platforms for IoT and the UP Squared* Grove* IoT Development Kit ! Arduino Create* Support of Intel®-Based Platforms for IoT We worked closely with Arduino* to bring the “easy to ...
9:20 AM PDT
Using Intel® Math Kernel Library with Arduino Create
By Chandler, Matt (Intel)Posted 11/01/20170
Overview This article presents use cases and provides examples which make use of the Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL). Arduino Create*, a cloud-based IDE and UP2*, a single board computer based on Intel’s Apollo Lake platform, are used for the examples. The use cases are intended to expos...
11:09 AM PDT
Primordian’s weird and alien world was created by a World of Warcraft art lead
By adminPosted 10/31/20170
Primordian is the result of that; a VR FPS set on an alien world at the center of the universe. It’s very much a world of two halves, as one side is constantly shrouded in darkness, while the other enjoys infinite daylight. This has given rise to two distinct cultures who typically keep to their ...
2:21 PM PDT
Sharing VR Through Green Screen Mixed Reality Video
By John TyrrellPosted 10/30/20170
Virtual Reality (VR) is an amazing experience. However, it’s also a solo experience that can be hard to describe to anyone yet to don a headset and make the leap into that virtual world. As VR continues to expand its horizons in games, art, and a whole string of commercial applications from real ...
11:27 AM PDT
Hands-On AI Part 23: Deep Learning for Music Generation 2—Implementing the Model
By adminPosted 10/30/20170
This article used BachBot as a case study in discussing the considerations of building a creative deep learning model. Specifically, this article discussed techniques that improve generalization, and accelerate training for RNN/LSTM models, hyperparameter optimization, evaluation of the model, an...
9:49 AM PDT
People Can Fly v3.0
By adminPosted 10/30/20170
Knowing your core skillset and making waves with innovations in that space is a smart way to keep focused and establish your brand identity. For People Can Fly, that identity was formulated back in 2005 when the studio legally came into being, though the original personnel had been working on the...
11:09 AM PDT
Hands-On AI Part 22: Deep Learning for Music Generation 1—Choosing a Model and Data Preprocessing
By adminPosted 10/29/20170
his article discussed some of the early steps in implementing a deep learning model using BachBot as an example. In particular, it discussed the advantages of RNN/LSTM for music composition (which is fundamentally a problem in sequence prediction), and the critical steps of data preprocessing and...
11:02 AM PDT
Hands-On AI Part 21: Emotion-Based Music Transformation
By adminPosted 10/28/20170
In this article we presented the core idea behind emotion-based music transformation—manipulation with position of a particular note on a scale relative to the tonic (note degree), piece tempo, and musical phrase. The idea was implemented as Python script. However, theoretical ideas are not alway...
9:26 AM PDT
UEBS: More than penguins vs. the Santa army
By adminPosted 10/28/20170
Weaver working solo means just that. The contract work and development of UEBS is all his own. The limited studio footprint meant that his prediction of a VR game supporting a solo goal was accurate. “I created a game called The Last Sniper VR, he says, “and that game has sold over 10,000 units, ...
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