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12:28 PM PDT
Celebrating 10 Years of Intel® Threading Building Blocks
By Sally SamsPosted 09/28/20160
What a Journey It's Been. Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) has come a long way from where it started in 2006 to its10-year anniversary in 2016. But on this long and winding journey, we've never lost sight of our core values of innovation and customer satisfaction. Intel TBB is a po...
10:56 AM PDT
libstdc++ Source Files
By Gergana S. (Intel)Posted 09/28/20160
Please find the libstdc++ sources used by PSET for the Linux* product here.
4:29 PM PDT
Introduction to the Heterogeneous Streams Library
By Loc N. (Intel)Posted 09/27/20161
To efficiently utilize all available resources for the task concurrency application on heterogeneous platforms, designers need to understand the memory architecture, the thread utilization on each platform, the pipeline to offload the workload to different platforms. To relieve designers of the b...
3:54 PM PDT
How to Emulate Persistent Memory on an Intel® Architecture Server
By Thai Le (Intel)Posted 09/27/20160
Looking to develop new software or prepare existing applications for persistent memory (PMEM) awareness? This tutorial walks you through setting up PMEM emulation using regular DRAM on an Intel® processor with a Linux* kernel.
2:46 PM PDT
Developer Success Stories Library
By adminPosted 09/27/20160
Learn how leading organizations worldwide are using development tools from Intel to boost performance, save development time and costs, and better meet their customers' needs. Intel® Parallel Studio | Intel® System Studio | Intel® Cluster Studio XE | Intel® Inspector XE | Intel® Integrated Perfo...
2:31 PM PDT
Advanced Bitrate Control Methods in Intel® Media SDK
By Nikhil R. (Intel)Posted 09/27/20160
In the world of media, there is a great demand to increase encoder quality but this comes with tradeoffs between quality and bandwidth consumption. This article addresses some of those concerns by discussing advanced bitrate control methods, which provide the ability to increase quality (relative...
12:14 PM PDT
Getting Started with Intel® Software Optimization for Theano* and Intel® Distribution for Python*
By Sunny G. (Intel)Posted 09/27/20161
Theano* is a Python* library developed at the LISA lab to define, optimize, and evaluate mathematical expressions, including the ones with multi-dimensional arrays. Theano can be installed and used with several combinations of development tools and libraries on a variety of platforms. This tutori...
8:18 AM PDT
Open vSwitch* with DPDK Overview
By Robin G. (Intel)Posted 09/27/20160
Get a high-level overview of Open vSwitch* with the Data Plane Development Kit (OvS-DPDK)—the high performance, open source virtual switch, and dive deeper into individual OvS-DPDK features with links to additional technical articles.
9:13 PM PDT
How to Mount a Shared Directory on Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor
By Loc N. (Intel)Posted 09/26/20160
In order to run a native program on the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor, the program and any dependencies must be copied to the target platform. However, this approach takes away memory from the native application. To reserve memory resource (16-GB GDDR5 memory on board the Intel Xeon Phi coprocesso...
2:36 PM PDT
Intel® Xeon Phi™ Delivers Competitive Performance For Deep Learning—And Getting Better Fast
By Andres R. (Intel)Posted 09/26/20160
Baidu’s recently announced deep learning benchmark, DeepBench, documents performance for the lowest-level compute and communication primitives for deep learning (DL) applications. The goal is to provide a standard benchmark to evaluate different hardware platforms using the vendor’s DL libraries.
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