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Back to Pain Points: Marketing Your Enterprise B2B App
By Singh, NivenPosted 12/07/20160
When it comes to marketing your B2B enterprise app, a lot of the groundwork has already been laid. Unlike a consumer app, which may be developed with consumer insights in mind, but still in somewhat of a vacuum—you’ve already been working closely with a select group of potential customers, so y...
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Lindsays TEST article IDZone
By Lindsay H. (Intel)Posted 12/07/20160
class="button-cta" Yes, you can embed a YouTube video in an article! Remember to use the "" URL, and not "https" or "" formats. How about a larger size of the same video? NO. iFrame not available in an article.   Class Collapse List (2up) F...
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Lindsays TEST article Zero Theme
By Lindsay H. (Intel)Posted 12/07/20160
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How AisaInfo ADB* Improves Performance with Intel® Xeon® Processor-Based Systems
By Nguyen, Khang TPosted 12/06/20160
This article describes how AsiaInfo ADB was able to take advantage of features like Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 and Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions as well as faster Intel® Solid State Drive hard disks to improve its performance when running on systems equipped with the la...
12:00 AM PST
By Huang, ChaoPosted 12/06/20160
As VR becomes a popular consumer product, more and more VR contents come out. From recent investment, lots of users love VR devices without wires, like AIO devices or Mobile devices. For these devices, it is not charging during playing so developers need to take special care of application power....
5:47 PM PST
Intel® XDK FAQs - Debug & Test
By Anusha M. (Intel)Posted 12/05/20160
Provides FAQs related to debugging and testing Intel® XDK apps, such as how to test on device using wifi, use Intel App Preview, limitations of Intel XDK emulator, and debugging applications with third-party Cordova* plugins. It also covers creating custom debug modules and device detection in th...
2:27 PM PST
Improving the Performance of Principal Component Analysis with Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library
By Nguyen, Khang TPosted 12/02/20160
This article discusses an unsupervised machine-learning algorithm called principal component analysis (PCA) that can be used to simplify the data. It also describes how Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel® DAAL) helps optimize this algorithm to improve the performance when running i...
1:10 PM PST
Intel Unite Use Case Guide for Audio/Video Conferencing Plugins
By Joseph O. (Intel)Posted 12/02/20160
Intel Unite is to be the solution to simplify user connections within the conference room. As Intel Unite technology does not have integrated video capture or audio solutions, the expectation is for Cloud Audio/Visual Collaboration Companies to provide those services, both within the corporate fi...
8:14 AM PST
Thermal Management Overview for Intel® Joule™ Developer Kit
By adminPosted 12/02/20160
Intel® Joule™ Module Datasheet includes thermal management objectives, hardware control and firmware settings, workload measurements and instructions for setting power limit in BIOS.
3:12 PM PST
Build an Arcade Cabinet with Skull Canyon
By bela m.Posted 12/01/20160
Hi I’m Bela Messex, one half of Buddy System, a bedroom studio based in Los Angeles, and makers of the game Little Bug. Why an Arcade Cabinet? My co-developer and I come from worlds where DIY wasn’t a marketable aesthetic, but a natural and necessary creative path. Before we met and found ourse...
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