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12:47 PM PDT
Intel® Software Guard Extensions Remote Attestation End-to-End Example
By adminPosted 07/08/20161
Table of Contents Introduction Who needs secrets? Intel® Software Guard Extensions mission Provisioning: Learning to share Getting into that circle of trust with Remote Attestation What’s in it for you? Remote Attestation Flow Prerequisites Client-server protocol Commu...
11:34 AM PDT
Implementing User Experience Guidelines in Intel® RealSense™ Applications
By Meghana R. (Intel)Posted 07/08/20160
In this article, we cover an application that was developed for the use of Intel® RealSense™ application developers to help visualize UX requirements and implement these guidelines in code. The source code for the application is available for download through this article.
4:44 PM PDT
Outfit7 Celebrates Success on Their Own Developer's Journey
By adminPosted 07/07/20160
The rules for mobile apps and games are changing. Consider the case of Outfit7, creator of the Talking Tom and Friends franchise, which is based on the simple talk-back concept. The primary goal was to take advantage of multi-platform support that now includes the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)...
2:56 PM PDT
Intel® Software Guard Extensions Tutorial Series: Part 1, Intel® SGX Foundation
By John M. (Intel)Posted 07/07/20161
This first article in the Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) tutorial series is a brief overview of the technology. Learn how Intel SGX can protect your application's private information, including passwords, account numbers, financial information, encryption keys, and health records.
11:34 AM PDT
Intel Optimizations in the Android* Marshmallow Compiler
By Rahul K. (Intel)Posted 07/07/20160
Introduction The Android* Marshmallow (6.0) release incorporates new features and capabilities and a number of enhancements to the Android Runtime* (ART) that result in improved application performance. Starting with Marshmallow, Intel shifted virtual machine (VM) engineering focus toward improv...
10:41 AM PDT
OpenGL* Performance Tips: Power of Two Textures Have Better Performance
By praveen-kundurthy (Intel)Posted 07/04/20160
How to improve OpenGL* performance by using textures that have dimensions that are a power-of-two. It is accompanied by a C++ example application that shows the effects on game performance by using a texture with power-of-two dimensions and one that is not.
8:03 AM PDT
Flylab : Drones as a Service - Success Story
By Paul Guermonprez (Intel)Posted 07/03/20160
FLYLAB, Drones as a Service FLYLAB Challenge At the beginning, civilian drones were equipped with micro-controllers which could control simple flight but they lacked the computing power for the artificial intelligence necessary for autonomous flight. The first challenge was to imagine a soluti...
6:40 PM PDT
Intel® XDK FAQs - App Designer
By Anusha M. (Intel)Posted 07/02/20160
Provides FAQs related to developing Intel® XDK apps that use the App Designer layout editor and App Framework, such as how to create and size UI elements, widget attributes, and updating app framework versions.
1:20 AM PDT
Troubleshooting on FLEXlm License Manager Error: "Vendor daemon can't talk to lmgrd"
By Yuan C. (Intel)Posted 07/01/20160
Problem Start Flexlm license manager by clicking "Start" button few times but the prompt "License....can not start" is still there. Closed license manager, then re-open it, the License manager is running some how, button "Stop" appear. From task manager, I see the process "LMGRD.exe"(Service of...
5:29 PM PDT
Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller D2000 - Accelerometer Tutorial
By adminPosted 06/29/20160
Intel® System Studio for Microcontrollers includes multiple samples to help you get up to speed with its basic functionality and become familiar with the set of Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller Software Interface (QMSI) APIs that work with your board. This example reads and outputs accelerometer dat...
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