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2:17 PM PDT
Intel® Parallel Computing Center at NERSC, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
By adminPosted 08/14/20170
Principal Investigators: Prabhat leads the Data and Analytics Services Group at NERSC. He is responsible for the big data software stack at NERSC, in this role, he tracks technologies spanning data analytics, management, workflows, transfer, portals/gateways and visualization. His personal res...
10:54 AM PDT
Introduction to Programming with Persistent Memory from Intel
By USHARANI U. (Intel)Posted 08/14/20170
Persistent memory (PMEM) from Intel enables memory performance with storage persistence for application data. Learn how you can start coding for this new techology today, even without PMEM hardware.
1:26 AM PDT
Intel(R) Math Kernel Library - Introducing Vectorized Compact Routines
By Gennady F. (Intel)Posted 08/14/20170
Introduction          Many high performance computing applications depend on matrix operations performed on large groups of matrices of small sizes. Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 2018 and later versions provide new compact routines that include optimizations for problems of this type. ...
11:53 PM PDT
Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library - Decision Trees
By Gennady F. (Intel)Posted 08/13/20170
Introduction Decision trees method is one of most popular approaches in machine learning. They can easily be used to solve different classification and regression tasks. Often, decision trees endear by their universality and by the fact that the model obtained by learning the decision tree is ea...
9:56 PM PDT
Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library - Decision Forest
By Gennady F. (Intel)Posted 08/13/20170
Introduction Decision trees method is known to be unstable, i.e. a small perturbation of the training sample or in the parameters used in tree construction can result in large changes in the resulting predictor. Ensemble or committee methods is a general technique used for reducing the variance...
3:35 PM PDT
Installation Errors Related to Intel Software License Manager Upgrade
By Noga C. (Intel)Posted 08/11/20170
A new version of Intel® Software License Manger has been recently released. The new version is required for the successful installation of Intel® Software Development Products versions 2017 or 2018 that are using floating licenses. If your product is using a floating license and you are a develo...
2:59 PM PDT
Get Started With Cluster Checker
By adminPosted 08/11/20170
Contents Intel® Cluster Checker verifies the configuration and performance of Linux based clusters and checks compliance with the Intel® Scalable System Framework Architecture Specification. If issues are found, Intel® Cluster Checker diagnoses the problems and may provide recommendations on how...
1:34 PM PDT
What's new? Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications 2017, R1
By Andrey Z. (Intel)Posted 08/11/20170
The following features are added in the 2017 R1 release. Microsoft Visual Studio* 2017 Support Eclipse* Oxygen (4.7) and Neon (4.6) IDEs Support New Operating Systems Support: Microsoft Windows* 10 Creator Update support including full compatibility with latest Intel Graphics driver (...
9:03 AM PDT
Inference of Caffe* and TensorFlow* Trained Models with Intel’s Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit
By Andrey Z. (Intel)Posted 08/11/20170
Install Deployment Toolkit First, download Deployment Toolkit. Then, install the Deployment Toolkit. The application by default is installed in /opt/intel/deeplearning_XXX/(for root user) or in ~/intel/deeplearning_XXX/(for non-root user). Further in the tutorial we will refer to it as I...
11:18 PM PDT
LZO data compression functions and improvements in Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
By JON J K. (Intel)Posted 08/10/20170
Introduction In this document, we describe Intel IPP data compression functions, that implement the LZO (Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer) compressed data format. This format and algorithm use 64KB compression dictionary and do not require additional memory for decompression. (See original code of the LZO l...
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