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11:38 AM PDT
Intel® IoT Gateways Development Kit DK100 Series: Getting Started Guide Commands
By SHAWN M. (Intel)Posted 06/16/20150
OVERVIEW This file contains the commands from "Intel® IoT Gateways – Development Kit – DK100 Series - Getting Started Guide". The purpose of this file is to provide a text file from which you can copy and paste commands during your DK100 Series installation. This file is organized by Getting Sta...
11:29 AM PDT
Ready to play? Five attributes of video games that get us going, and keep us engaged.
By Marion K (Intel)Posted 06/16/20150
Believe it or not, the advent of video game creation dates back to 1947 when a "Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device" was filed for a patent by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann.  Inspired by radar display technology, the game consisted of an analog device that allowed a user to control a v...
2:19 PM PDT
Intel® IoT Gateways Development Kit DK100 Series: Getting Started Guide
By SHAWN M. (Intel)Posted 06/15/20150
OVERVIEW Intel® IoT Gateway development kit DK100 series technical reference for set-up and operation, including target system hardware, board firmware, and Wind River* software. This software is intended for hardware and software developers using embedded Intel platforms. It is not intended fo...
1:20 PM PDT
Using multi-window feature as differentiation on Android*
By LIANG L. (Intel)Posted 06/15/20150
Multi-window is a good differentiating feature. It is convenient and allows consumers to do two or more things simultaneously. They can watch a video and IM friends with video feedback. They can play a game and read reviews of it. Several devices now support the multi-window feature: Ramos i12 ta...
12:59 PM PDT
Throw the Switch! Kids Can Explore Science According to Their Learning Style
By Eliana P. (Intel)Posted 06/15/20150
Educators understand the need for diverse tools when introducing kids to scientific concepts. As electronics continue to flourish as a means of mechanizing the modern world, many of us don’t have a basic understanding of the principles that govern electricity and how we are able to do so much wi...
7:10 AM PDT
XULRunner* for Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE
By Kirill Rogozhin (Intel)Posted 06/15/20150
This page contains source code links and instructions for building XULRunner* package shipped as a part of Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE product. THE DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION RELATED TO XULRUNNER 34.0.5 XULRUNNER SOURCESXULRUNNER PATCHESMAC OS BUILDWINDOWS BUILDLINUX BUILDUSEFUL LINKS XULRUN...
5:55 PM PDT
Creative Control: Helping to Ensure the Success of a Film Project with Storyboarding
By Marion K (Intel)Posted 06/12/20150
The tried and true process of storyboarding has come a long way since its early days, and now, mobile devices and new technology take it to a whole new level. Producing a film or video is almost always more expensive than it seems, whether it’s a low-budget indie flick, or a blockbuster.  The co...
3:10 PM PDT
Code Samples for Detection of System GPU, Battery Mode, and Windows* 8 On-screen Keyboard in Unity*
By Jeff Laflam (Intel)Posted 06/12/20150
Download the Intel® Toolkit from the Unity* Asset Store for code samples to help you display Windows native mode touch and touch feedback visuals, use the on-screen keyboard in Windows* 8 with Unity*, and find the device's current battery mode and its GPU type.
2:04 PM PDT
6 Fascinating Facts About How Video Games are Good For You
By Eliana P. (Intel)Posted 06/12/20150
There is plenty of misinformation about the value of video games out there. Teachers worry that it affects attention span and parents worry that it is bad for eyesight. Here are 6 quick facts about gaming and the positives associated with moderately engaging in it. Better Vision. People who pl...
1:27 PM PDT
Calligra* Gemini - Stage & Words Transforming 2 in 1 Interface
By Tim Duncan (Intel)Posted 06/12/20150
Calligra* Gemini's transformable user interface enables users of Words and Stage to move seamlessly between laptop and tablet mode on 2 in 1 devices.
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