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10:37 AM PDT
Intel® RealSense™ Labs from IDF 2015
By Colleen Culbertson (Intel)Posted 08/19/20150
There are 6 labs including Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2013 solutions that cover the Intel RealSense F200 camera for 3D segmentation, various hand usages, face tracking and raw streams. There are also 3 labs for the Intel RealSense R200 camera covering enhanced photography, Scene Perception/AR, and...
7:54 AM PDT
Context Sensing Plug-In for Cordova*
By IAN M. (Intel)Posted 08/19/20150
This plugin enables you to harness the power of the Intel® Context Sensing SDK in your Android* Cordova* application. Intel® Context Sensing SDK is a library available for Android* that helps you easily incorporate context-aware capabilities and services into your applications. The SDK is flexib...
3:20 PM PDT
How to port an app using Multi-OS Engine, a Beta feature of Intel® INDE
By Varsha M. (Intel)Posted 08/18/20150
Do you have an existing Android* app? Thinking of porting it to iOS* platforms as well? But you have no iOS development experience. Well, you don’t need to! Multi-OS Engine will address your problem. Multi-OS Engine SDK provides the below resources for app development from IDE integration to appl...
2:51 PM PDT
Intel® RealSense™ Spatial Awareness Wearable (SAW) - Get Involved!
By adminPosted 08/18/20150
The Intel® RealSense™ Spatial Awareness Wearable (SAW) project is a collaborative effort supporting a community of researchers and developers within the accessibility and human augmentation spaces. We'll share questions and learnings that come from our own work, as well as promote the work of oth...
5:57 AM PDT
Fast Gathering-based SpMxV for Linear Feature Extraction
By Feng X. (Intel)Posted 08/18/20150
This algorithm can be used to improve sparse matrix-vector and matrix-matrix multiplication in any numerical computation. As we know, there are lots of applications involving semi-sparse matrix computation in High Performance Computing. Additionally, in popular perceptual computing low-level engi...
5:52 AM PDT
Multi-OS Engine: Enabling HTTPS
By Shailen Sobhee (Intel)Posted 08/18/20150
The standard class provides HTTPS functionality. Here is how you can set up security providers and CA certificates (cacerts) on Mac OS X* from the command line.
12:26 PM PDT
Books - Message Passing Interface (MPI)
By Mike Pearce (Intel)Posted 08/17/20150
This book covers essential concepts of the Message Passing Interface (MPI). From this book, the reader will gain insights into utilizing MPI to write portable parallel code. The book covers the following essential elements of MPI: Sending and receiving with MPI_Send and MPI_Recv; Dynamic receivin...
10:44 AM PDT
What’s new in Visual Studio 2015? – Part I: IDE and C#
By jacacePosted 08/17/20150
Every time that there is a new version of Visual Studio I’m very keen to learn and implement the most relevant features. The problem is that the documentation that I’ve found is too low level (i.e.: lots of details) or too light. So I decided to create a series of posts exploring  all that is new...
5:18 AM PDT
Multi-OS Engine - OpenGL sample
By Ilya AleshkovPosted 08/17/20150
This article describes the OpenGLBox sample in the Multi-OS Engine, a beta feature of Intel® INDE version 1.0.285 and later. This is a truly cross-platform sample. On the screenshots below you can see that the same Java-based application on iOS and Android looks and behaves the same way. Applicat...
12:13 AM PDT
Support Forums for the Intel® Performance Libraries with Community Licensing
By Chao Y (Intel)Posted 08/17/20150
Intel provides developers the no-cost community licensing for Intel® Performance Libraries. The software libraries includes Intel® Math Kernel Library, Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives, Intel® Threading Building Blocks, and Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library. All products include ...
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