Announcing Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 4.2

This article is now obsolete, as newer versions of the product are now available for download. See the Intel GPA Home Page for information regarding the latest version of the Intel GPA product.

Announcing Version 4.2 of Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA)
September 19th, 2011


Intel® GPA is a powerful, agile developer tool suite for analyzing and optimizing games, media, and other graphics-intensive applications. Version 4.2 adds new features to the product, based upon recommendations from leading graphics developers such as yourself.

This latest release includes new features for the Intel GPA Platform Analyzer (extensions to the tracing API, customizable task coloring, support for task sub-states, and other features).

The product is available at no charge to members of Intel's Visual Adrenaline Developer Program. To download Intel GPA and register for Visual Adrenaline membership, use this link. For more information on membership in this free developer program, visit the Visual Adrenaline Home Page.

What's New

Version 4.2 of the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers contains the following new features within the Intel® GPA Platform Analyzer:
  • Updated Intel® Instrumentation and Tracing Technology (Intel® ITT) API methods allow collecting more detailed trace information to help pinpoint potential problem areas.
  • Task Timeline View now displays task sub-states.
  • Task data from sources beyond the OS scheduler information is now available (such as the ability to display queue data in the timeline).
  • Task colors can be customized to better distinguish between different tasks.
  • Custom tracks can be added to a logical view section of the timeline.

Where To Next...

To start using Intel GPA Version 4, check out the documentation that's installed with the product (access the Help File through the Microsoft Windows* Start Menu for the Intel GPA product). For those who have not used Intel GPA before, become familiar with key Intel GPA concepts by reading the Intel GPA Getting Started Guide.

Want more info on Intel GPA? Check out either the Intel GPA Home Page, the Intel GPA FAQ, or the Intel GPA Knowledge Base articles.

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