Auto vectorization of OpenCL* code with the Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications

The Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications features an implicit vectorization module which boosts the performance of applications. The implicit CPU vectorization module seamlessly compiles the user's OpenCL* kernels to fully utilize the full 8 wide floating point SIMD processing, boosting the performance of user code without user intervention. The implicit vectorization module uses state-of-the-art vectorization algorithms based on up-to-date compiler research to ensure that the code performs.

More details on the implicit vectorization module can be found in this blog:

The Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications implicit vectorization module is based on the LLVM compiler toolkit. We contributed major changes to the open source community for better support of Intel® architecture:

Watch the OpenCL implicit vectorization module in a talk at the latest LLVM developer conference.

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