AYCO Internet Optimizes Black Pen App for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Windows 8.1*

Tablet users can easily transform hand-written documents into electronic files with this innovative application.

AYCO Internet now offers the mobile version of its electronic file-creating application Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. This convenient and user-friendly application enables users to instantly create and store electronic versions of documents that they handwrite with a digital pen.

Designed to provide tablet users with a simple and intuitive way to transform written pages into digital documents, the BlackPen app for Android* tablets enables users a single-step solution. The advanced technology within the digital pen reads words instantly and continuously while the user writes. Its integrated camera tracks the handwriting on paper (printed with a special pattern) and automatically registers everything. This tiny, powerful camera registers anywhere between 50-100 images per second.

Then, the data collected by the pen is transmitted directly to the tablet, where users can store, edit or the most valuable option: validate the document for integration on their own systems. No other software or hardware is needed, which can save users time and money.

To increase Black Pen’s convenience and to make it available to mobile users, AYCO Internet recently optimized the app for Intel Atom tablets for Windows 8.1*. During the optimization process, the Intel® Developer Zone offered technical guidance and assistance.

“BlackPen is a revolutionary system that enables users to retain the comfort and familiarity of hand writing documents while also taking advantage of the convenience of electronic files,” says Juan Pablo Bar of AYCO Internet. “The portability of Windows 8.1* tablets and their powerful Intel® Atom™ processors ensure that our mobile users always have access to our technology and that it will always work well for them.”

BlackPen for Windows 8.1* is available for immediate download.


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AYCO Internet is a Spanish software developer that provides business technology to mobile users around the world. For more information visit its website. http://www.myblackpen.com/en/#

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