Become a C++ Hot Spot Hotshot with Intel® Parallel Studio XE

Become a C++ Hot Spot Hotshot with Intel® Parallel Studio XE

Are you looking to boost your application performance with just a small time investment? Look no further than the tools provided in Intel® Parallel Studio XE . In this short webinar we demonstrate how to use the Hot Spot performance analysis in Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE to quickly find your application hot spots. Knowing where the hot spots are in your code allows you to use the explicit vector programming features in Intel® C++ Composer XE to boost performance of these code sections. Join one of Intel’s knowledgeable support engineers as we demonstrate how a small time investment can yield big returns in application performance.

Sample code attachment instructions:


Unzip using password “intel123”

Open the solution and just rebuild it.


$ icpc -xAVX -vec-report3 -openmp -tbb PiUsingMonteCarlo-erand48.cpp -o pi-host

$ icpc -mmic -vec-report3 -openmp -tbb -lrt PiUsingMonteCarlo-erand48.cpp -o pi-mic

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Tony K.'s picture

Where can I get the sample code + MSVC project files?

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I would also like the sample code. Please let us know when/where it is available.