Big Blue Bubble INC Announces My Singing Monsters Application Now Compatible with Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*

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Android* users can rock out with the musical mayhem of My Singing Monsters.

The interactive musical app My Singing Monsters is now available on Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. This witty labor of love from Blue Bubble INC incorporates the joy of songwriting with clever cartoons.

A zany cast of characters inhabits an otherworldly island. Comic critters dance, sing, play instruments, bounce and scream in a synchronized monster performance. All ages will enjoy collecting, breeding and feeding a little orchestra of creatures in customizable environments.

This recent optimization for Android* tablets brings the delightful monsters into their full glory. The high-resolution screen and crystal clear audio make My Singing Monsters a sensational treat. The Intel® Developer Zone made resources and support available during the development process.

“My Singing Monsters is a way for us to combine our love of music, graphic design and animation into one app,” says Damir Slogar, Founder of Big Blue Bubble INC. “The optimization with Android* tablets really enhances the whole creative aspect of the game. The animation looks so fluid on the high-definition screen and because it’s so portable, people can take their personal monster bands anywhere.”

My Singing Monsters is available for immediate download on Google Play:

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