Bring the Power of the Cloud to Your Games

Launch a web boutique, trip planner or game more easily than ever before. It’s possible—cheaper and faster too—with the Intel Cloud Services Platform. You won’t need a database or server, just a bit of ingenuity.

Take for example cGaming, a thin JavaScript library created by German Lancioni, an Intel software engineer who specializes in cloud services. This library, built on the Intel Cloud Services Platform, demonstrates how games can be transformed from local only into cloud games. Using the Intel Cloud Services SDK, German created APIs that build on SDK functionality to enable games to identify and manage player profiles, save high scores, host leaderboards, retrieve players’ locations, and lots more. The cGaming library also enables games to save and retrieve game objects from the cloud, which means players can save a game and resume it at another time.

An Easier Way to Create Cloud Games

Creating and hosting games can be complex. It entails infrastructure like servers, databases, services to connect them, player identification, and a UI. Plus, you have to worry about behind-the-scenes game logic, not to mention other considerations like user experience, monetization, distribution and marketing that are required for success.

The cGaming library bypasses many of these challenges. And by using only the Intel Cloud Services, the library remains light and easy to manage.

German transformed a couple of local games into cloud games using the cGaming library. The following describes how he brought cloud capabilities to a dominos game.

Cloud Dominos

Formerly a local domino game, the Cloud Domino Game enables players to log in and customize the game with an avatar, locate players in other locations, and check a leader board. With one click, users who have already set up an Intel Cloud Services Platform billing profile can purchase game-related goods from the Cloud Domino Store.

Here’s a quick look at some of the APIs German created. They’re a great example of how Cloud Services Platform can be used by a game developer.

cGaming APIsSDK Services




Intel Identity Services



Location Based Services

player.getAvatarIcon and player.saveAvatarIcon

player.getDataItem and player.saveDataItem

player.getGameScreenshot and player.saveGameScreenshot

player.getHighScore and player.saveHighScore




Catalog Services

What Can You Build on a Cloud?

Now it’s your turn. Go ahead and transform your local games to cloud games. Try the Intel Cloud Services Platform, play around with the cGaming library, add your own APIs, and/or build onto other Intel cloud services.

For Further Reference

cGaming site Check out the cloud games built using the cGaming library. You can also read more about the cGaming APIs, download the cGaming library, and find simple steps for getting started with your own games.

Digital Mementos demo Need more inspiration? The Digital Mementos demo is a travel app that incorporates Intel Identity Services, Location Based Services, and Context Services and enables users to plan trips, find points of interest and keep a trip diary.

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