Calling Intel® IPP in MSVC 2008*(Microsoft Visual C++ 2008*)

1. Include Intel® IPP header file and function calls as shown below


2. In MSVC 2008 Project Property setting page(From Menu Toolbar->Project->Project Property), select <General>, add ipp.h path in <Additional Include Directories>.


3. Add the Intel® IPP specific libaries at linkage options:
In this case, several Intel® IPP Image processing and Signal Processing functions are used, and we will link the dynamic libraires.

So in Linker, add ippi.lib and ipps.lib under <Input> / <Additional Dependencies>


4.Then add the library path under <General> / <Additional Libraries Directories>


5. Then Build(From Menu Toolbar).

6. Add Intel® IPP bin path either in your system environment setting or run ippenv.bat from directory \tools\env.


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Hello Sir,
After doing above effort i am still getting ipps-6.1.dll error at redistribution time please let me what should i do at next time
It's on urgent basis please let me know how can i handle this error at redistribution time

Thanks and Regards
Suresh Kansujiya