Can’t create a new sampling activity in some new operation systems

Problem : 

The user runs "vtlec" and wants to create a new sampling activity. Click on the "+" icon on the menu bar, which brought up the "New" dialog. If the user selected the "Sampling Wizard" and hit the "Next >" button, but nothing happened.

Environment : 

Fedora* 12
Ubuntu* 9.xx

Root Cause : 

This problem only happens on VTune™ Performance Analyzer GUI. If the user uses "vtl" command to create a new sampling activity, everything is OK.

This is a general limitation. Depending on GTK+ version installed, the Eclipse* GUI may not work due to non-functional dialog controls. This condition was observed on Fedora* 12 and Ubuntu* 9.xx systems.

Resolution : 

We recommend you run VTune™ Analyzer as follows:

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Jan Lindheim's picture

I seem to have the same problem with the latest vtune (update 5) on a RedHat 5.3 64-bit system.
When trying to generate sampling date from the GUI, the application hangs forever.
I have tried to set GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1 before running the GUI and it makes no difference to me.

Any idea on how to proceed on this.
The command tools are able to produce sampling data.

Jan Lindheim

Peter Wang (Intel)'s picture

Note: Old product VTune Performance Analyzer is out-of-support for new Linux* OS, please use latest product VTune(TM) Amplifier XE 2011 Update 5.

Otherwise, quick workaround is to collect data in command line and display results from GUI.

Regards, Peter