Diagnostic 0: unknown error

Diagnostic 0: unknown error

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RE: My Solution for the "Unknown Error" and "Not Connected to the Internet" in the Intel XDK


Just thought I'd share my experience with the "unknown error" on build and testing section of Intel XDK.

I was at a stage of needing to test build a project. When I proceeded to the build area and attempted to build for android.  I would get a message saying;

"Unable to build. Please verify that you are connected to the internet and try again.

unknown error"

When I went to the Test area I would also receive a message saying;

Notice: Internet Connection and Login Required

In order to use the test system. Please verify that you are connected to the internet and logged in as a valid Intel XDK User.

In some attempts the XDK would freeze if I attempted a build.

Even though I was logged into the XDK under Account

I tried different Lan connections and changed router setting with no results.

I also reinstalled a fresh download of the Intel XDK and still received the same errors.

In despair I opened another file and the build and test areas allowed me access and I had no unknown errors or internet connection faults. I was able to build any other file except my own. 

My assumption was that the .xdk or .xdke files in my project were corrupt somehow.

So my solution to fix this was...

1/ Create a new project with a different name and then close the XDK

2/ Find your original files and only copy the "www" folder. Leave all the other files especially the two files with .xdk and .xdke. Leave these two!.

3/ Paste these files into the "www" folder of the newly created project file.

4/ Open the XDK and try the build and test areas with your new project. And Wala! for me, it worked

When the Old and New .xdk and xdke files were compared the only differences were "lastModified: creationDate: and projectGUID: This number I assume is special for each project and must have been corrupted some how. The .xdke file only had  some added app-mobi services added, but even removed the error remained. With my limited knowledge I have to assume it's a projectGUID number fault. 

I hope this can be of help.



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