Diagnostic 10114: Microsoft Visual C++ not found in path


The Intel® C++ compiler for Windows needs to know which version of the Microsoft* compiler (i.e. Microsoft Visual C++ 2003*, 2005*, 2008* etc) you are using in order to set our Microsoft compability version to emulate.

For example, there are certain Microsoft bugs that exist in the Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 compiler but were fixed in Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 that we would only emulate if you had a Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 environment (header files and libraries).

In order to do this, the icl driver looks in your path for the version of cl.exe and sets the microsoft version when it calls our compiler based upon what it finds.


Compiling any program on Windows and not having "cl.exe" somewhere in your path.

Resolution status:

Change your path environment variables to include the directories where Microsoft Visual C++ executable "cl.exe", include header files and run time libraries. Easiest way is to run Visual C++ vcvars32.bat.

Or pass the options "/Qvc[7.1|8|9]" and "/Qlocation,link,"[cl-dir]" to the icl.exe.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

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#pragma warning(disable:10114)

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