Diagnostic 15046: loop was not vectorized: existence of vector dependence


False dependency is assumed in the loop body by the compiler. The compiler to be on the safer side assumes that there could be a overlap between arrays a[] and b[] to avoid any data corruption. In this case, this assumption happens to be a false dependence. Below is an example for this scenario. 


#include <complex>
typedef std::complex<double> c;
void star( c* a, const c* b, size_t n,int sign ) {
   #pragma nounroll
   // #pragam omp simd // programmers can force vectorization using SIMD pragma. 
    for( size_t i=0; i<3; ++i )
        a[i] *= b[i]*(double(sign)/n);

>icl -c -Qvec-report2 example4.cpp
example4.cpp(7): (col. 5) remark: loop was not vectorized: existence of vector dependence


By introducing the #pragma omp simd, programmer explicitly vectorizes the loop since he is aware that there is no true vector dependency in the loop body.

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