Diagnostic 3: #include file "xxxx" includes itself

Diagnostic 3: #include file "xxxx" includes itself

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for your information, we had a header file that includes itself recursively in our project. This will cause Intellisense to dramatically slow down for every single "go to definition/declaration" you do in a file that includes this recursive header.

MSDN > Troubleshooting IntelliSense in C++ Projects > IntelliSense Limitations :


"When you reference a header file multiple times using the #include directive, and the meaning of that header file changes due to various macro states (which are defined through the #define directive). In other words, when you include a header file several times whose usage changes under different macro states, IntelliSense will not always work."


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hi, I find this error too.

in the resdata.h file

at the end of the file ,there is "#include <pwlib/resdata.h>"

and the error is:
38 IntelliSense: #include file "F:pwlibincludepwlib/resdata.h" includes itself f:pwlibincludepwlibresdata.h 145

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