Diagnostic 674: unable to obtain mapped memory (see pch_diag.txt)

Diagnostic 674: unable to obtain mapped memory (see pch_diag.txt)

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Have hit the same problem, but changing between /Yu and /Yc doesn't make any difference. pch_diag.txt just has a dump of physical address space that doesn't help me in any way.

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This has come up here in 64-bit builds after upgrading from 11.0.075 to 11.1.051 on WinXP x64. I am using /Yc, /Qopenmp does not make a difference either way.

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Just started getting this error message as well with 11.1.046 on Vista Ultimate after adding the /Qopenmp flag to a build (haven't actually put in any openMP directives/code yet).

Project builds fine if I use either /Qopenmp or /Yu but using both gives me the error.


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Hi Marian,
The C++ forum is at "http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/intel-c-compiler".

You can create a new thread with the build log. It would be nice to have a testcase.

Thank you!

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@Daniel Droste:
You are probably using wxWidgets, I have this error when I compile 64-bit version of library, with my adjusted settings ("extra-hard-optimizations").

@Jennifer Jiang (Intel):
I can send You BuildLog.htm for you to see my compiler settings for wxWidgets.

The issue is only present when I use x64 compilation with my "extra-hard-optimizations" but not when using x86 /QxHOST profile with my "extra-hard-optimizations".

When I disable "precompiled heareds" (remove /Yc or /Yu), as @"whmoweryjr (at ) yahoo.com" and @George suggested, it is all fine.

version: "Intel(R) C++ 11.1.038 [Intel(R) 64]"

@Jennifer Jiang (Intel):
could You please give me a pointer to the right forum thread where I could post my BuildLog.htm + URL for download wxWidgets library? (It's GPL'ed so URL should not violate rules...).

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In my case, change /Yu flag to /Yc.
If you are using Visual Studio, open the Property dialog, change the value of the item "C/C++ -> Precompiled Headers -> Create/Use Precompiled Header" to "Create Precompiled Headers (/Yc)".

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here is my error, copied right out of the command line useage of C++ compiler 11.1.035
first i set directory/folder using cd
then i try a compile/link using many cpp and h-files

C:Windowssystem32>cd C:UsersWHMoweryJrDocumentsDeepLearninToga 1.9DeepLea
rninToga 1.9.6src

C:UsersWHMoweryJrDocumentsDeepLearninToga 1.9DeepLearninToga 1.9.6src>icl
/nologo /D "WIN32" /D "NDEBUG" /D "_CONSOLE" /D "_MBCS" /Fp"PGO/Toga.pch" /YX /F
o"PGO/" /Fd"PGO/" /FD /O3 /G7 /GA /GF /Gs /Zm1000 /W5 /Qprof_gen /Qprof_dir"PGO/
" attack.cpp board.cpp book.cpp eval.cpp fen.cpp hash.cpp learn.cpp list.cpp mai
n.cpp material.cpp move.cpp move_check.cpp move_do.cpp move_evasion.cpp move_gen
.cpp move_legal.cpp option.cpp pawn.cpp piece.cpp posix.cpp probe.cpp protocol.c
pp pst.cpp pv.cpp random.cpp recog.cpp search.cpp search_full.cpp see.cpp sort.c
pp square.cpp trans.cpp util.cpp value.cpp vector.cpp /link /OUT:"PGODeepLearni
C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0VCINCLUDEcrtdefs.h(29): cat
astrophic error: unable to obtain mapped memory (see pch_diag.txt)
#if defined(__midl)

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Hi ragster,
Could you post this to the C++ Forum? I have something for you to try, but would prefer to use a private thread that is only available for Forum posting.


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I'm getting this error too (with Windows XP Professional SP3 and Intel(R) C++ Compiler 11.1.061 [IA-32])

I've looked for the pch_diag.txt - eventually did a full disk search - the file doesn't seem to exist.

I'm getting this error when I try to compile one our substantial libraries (Compiles under VS 8 compiler OK, but was too large for the VS2005 - we had to split it then) - if I compile files one by one, they compile OK, if I try a general build, I get this error - not on the same file each time.

Having compiled each file, it then refuses to link (no error, just doesn't do anything.) If I try to build, it attempts to recompile - and I get the error again.

If there's anything I can send to help with diagnosing this issue, please let me know.




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