Diagnostic 980: wrong number of actual arguments to intrinsic function


The Compiler erroneously issues the following warning message due to a Compiler error: 

warning #980: wrong number of actual arguments to intrinsic function


This issue has been resolved in the Intel® C++ Compiler Version 11.0 with Build Date 3/14/2009 or higher.

For more information please see /en-us/articles/compiler-incorrectly-issues-diagnostic-980-wrong-number-of-actual-arguments-to-intrinsic
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The compiler is incorrectly issuing warning #980 for the cases mentioned by Oren and Lionel. For an explanation of the problem and the workaround please see http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/diagnostic-980-wrong-number-of-actual-arguments-to-intrinsic-function/

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Same here - I get it, for instance, when deriving a class from std::ofstream (ver 11.0.081 on Linux).

This is a show-stopper!

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Hi, I get this diagnostic error message from std::cin.get() and various other STL incarnations. Only on Linux (11.0.074) not on Windows (11.0.066).


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