Children Have Fun While Learning with Intellijoy’s Series of Games on Windows* 8.1 Tablets

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New digital devices offer exciting new opportunities for children to learn through play. The touch interface, high-resolution screen and powerful processing speeds of Windows* 8.1 tablets with an Intel® Atom™ processor provide an exciting and innovative platform to both entertain and educate.

Intellijoy has taken advantage of this opportunity to create a series of entertaining and educational games for children featured on new Windows* 8.1 tablets. Now parents can rest easy knowing their children can have fun while learning the alphabet, numbers, reading and more.

Parents have the opportunity to choose from a variety of popular games from Intellijoy, including:

Kids ABC Letters
This fun app helps preschool-aged kids learn their ABCs and practice letter shapes, letter recognition, and find letters in context.

Kids ABC Phonics
This fun game teaches young children the sounds of each letter, which is a precursor to learning reading. Children have fun building ABC blocks, popping letter bubbles, solving letter puzzles, creating words and more with the sounds of each letter featured.

Kids ABC Trains Game
Kids ABC Trains Game allows children to learn and identify letters and their sounds (phonics) using trains and railroads. Children can also write letters, identify letters in context and match lower and upper case letters.

Kids Learn to Read
Once children learn letter names and sounds, Kids Learn to Read is an excellent way for kids to practice blending sounds together to form, read and spell three letter words like "dog", "sun", and "big".

Kids Numbers and Math
Children can learn basic math in this entertaining and colorful game, which teaches numbers, counting, comparing numbers, adding, subtracting and more.

Kids Colors
Toddlers and preschoolers have fun recognizing colors and naming them with this entertaining game. Children use the touch interface of Windows* 8.1 tablets to splash colors onto an easel, match colors by memory and identify colorful fish.

Kids Shapes
Children enjoy recognizing shapes with real-life objects in natural settings in this fun app. Featured shapes include circle, rectangle, triangle, square and oval.

Kids Connect the Dots
Children take advantage of the interactive touch capabilities of Windows* 8.1 tablets to play the traditional connect the dots game. As they tap or connect the dots, numbers and letters are pronounced. Once all dots are connected, they transform into a colorful graphic, such as an animal.

Kids Connect the Dots Xmas
Children get into the holiday spirit through 40 simple connect-the-dot puzzles all with holiday themes.

Kids Preschool Puzzle
Children can solve puzzles with their hands by dragging colorful pieces into place. Once a puzzle is completed the pleasant voice of a lady congratulates the child and explains the image.

Kids Professions Dressing Game
Children often dream of becoming a doctor, fireman, baseball player, nurse and more. Now they can dress up characters with different professional uniforms.

While children are attracted to the entertaining aspect of new Windows* 8.1 tablets with an Intel Atom processor, adults are often more interested in wanting their children to learn. Now both children and adults can be content with the series of educational children’s games from Intellijoy. 

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