Children Have Fun with Language when they Play Grammar Quest by The Interactive Studio on Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Windows* 8.1

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The interactive language game rewards players with 3-D zoo animals while it teaches grammar basics.

The English language is full of rules and exceptions to those rules. Learning them all can be tedious and frustrating for younger students. That’s why The Interactive Studio created Grammar Quest, a fun and interactive game that uses 3-D incentives to help students work towards mastery. Now, Intel® Atom™ Windows* 8.1 tablet users can benefit from this engaging educational tool.

Grammar Quest targets learners in the first and second grades, and offers age-appropriate lessons to help them build language skills. Teachers will delight in the array of features that allow them to adjust the game’s difficulty and to customize quizzes. Students will stay engaged as they attempt to build their own 3-D zoos by earning new animals for correct answers.

Grammar Quest was developed by The Interactive Studio, an Intel® Software Partner. The educational software developer creates games that deepen learning by making it fun. Recently, the developers from Grammar Quest worked with the Intel® Developer Zone to optimize Grammar Quest for the capabilities of Windows* 8.1 tablets.

“Modern students do exceptionally well when their classrooms integrate technology,” says Andrew Tan of The Interactive Studio. “Our goal with Grammar Quest was to take a relatively dry subject and use mobile technology make it appealing to young learners.”

The developers wanted to advantage of many of the advanced features on Windows* tablets, so they worked with Intel engineers during the optimization process. The result is a game that is feature-rich, interactive and serves as an excellent supplemental teaching tool.

“Thanks to the support we received from Intel, Grammar Quest is now available to Windows* 8.1 tablet users. We are grateful to Intel for its guidance and resources and feel confident that this partnership and our game will benefit students,” says Tan.

The Interactive Studio is an educational game and application developer based out of Singapore. For more information visit its homepage at:

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