Compile and run MPIBLAST 1.6.0 in the Intel® Cluster Ready Reference Design S5520UR-ICR1.1-ROCKS5.3-CENTOS5.4-C2 v1.0


You need to have deployed the latest Intel® Cluster Ready Reference Design S5520UR-ICR1.1-ROCKS5.3-CENTOS5.4-C2 v1.0.
This reference design targets the next components:

Set up the environment

•  MVAPICH2 will be used to build MPIBLAST. To configure the environment for use MVAPICH2 run the next command:


•  A selection menu will be displayed. Select "mvapich2_gcc-1.4.1" for the current user with the option (1u) and exit.

[shell]Current system default: "<"none">" Current user default: mvapich2_gcc-1.4.1 "u" and "s" modifiers can be added to numeric and "U" commands to specify "user" or "system-wide". 1. mvapich2_gcc-1.4.1 2. mvapich_gcc-1.2.0 3. openmpi_gcc-1.4.1 U. Unset default Q. Quit Selection (1-3[us], U[us], Q):1u … WARNING: Changes made to mpi-selector defaults will not be visible until you start a new shell! [/shell]


•  Log out from the terminal and then log back in for the changes to take place.

MPIBLAST Compilation

  • Log in to the cluster with your normal user.
  • Create a staging directory to build the tools named "src" and an "opt" directory to install them.

[shell]mkdir /home/"<user>"/opt mkdir /home/"<user>"/src [/shell]

NOTE: the "<user>" variable must be replaced with your username.

  Before start the process make sure your proxy settings are correct.

[shell]export http_proxy=proxy_url:port export ftp_proxy=proxy_url:port [/shell]

  Change to the directory created for the source code of the application.

[shell]cd /home/"<user>"/src[/shell]

  Download MPIBLAST source code and uncompress it.

tar xf mpiBLAST-1.6.0.tgz
cd mpiblast-1.6.0

  Configure the building environment to create the binaries in the /home/<user>/opt/mpiblast folder.

[shell]./configure --prefix=/home/"<user>"/opt/mpiblast[/shell]

  Turn off MOTIF support by adding "set HAVE_MOTIF=0" in line 388 of /home/<user>/src/ncbi/makedis.csh

[shell]vim ncbi/make/makedis.csh +388[/shell]

NOTE: for further information about this issue please refer to this forum
•  First, it is required to build NCBI.

[shell]make ncbi[/shell]

NOTE: the output of this command if is executed successfully should be like:

[shell]make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/"<user>"/src/mpiblast-1.6.0/ncbi/build' Put the date stamp to the file ../VERSION ********************************************************* *The new binaries are located in ./ncbi/build/ directory* [/shell]

•  Run the next commands for build and install MPIBLAST:

[shell]make make install [/shell]

NOTE: For further information on how to configure and build MPIBLAST, please refer to


This section shows how to test the new installation of MPIBlast 1.6.0. To do so, the input file extracted from the white paper NCBI Blast on AMD Magny-Cours, Istanbul, and Intel Nehalem will be used against the standard FASTA "month" database.

•  Create a test directory in the user's home folder.

mkdir tests

•  Download the workload and the database to be used in the test.

[shell]cd tests wget wget [/shell]

•  Extract the downloaded database.

[shell]gunzip month.nt.gz[/shell]

•  Generate the /home/"<user>"/.nbir file. 

[shell]HOME_FILE=/home/"<user>"/.ncbirc echo "[mpiBLAST]" > $HOME_FILE echo "Shared=/home/<user>/tests" >> $HOME_FILE echo "Local=/home/<user>/tests" >> $HOME_FILE [/shell]

•  Add MPIBLAST binaries to user's path.

[shell]export PATH=$PATH:/home/"<user>"/opt/mpiblast/bin[/shell]

•  Format the database to divide it into fragments. The parameter passed to --nfrags ("<N>") defines the number of fragments in the database. Execute this command:

[shell]mpiformatdb -i month.nt --nfrags="<N>" -pF –quiet

NOTE: a valid value for the "<N>" parameter could be the number of nodes in the cluster.

   The output of this command should be like:

[shell]Created "<N>" fragments. "<<<" Please make sure the formatted database fragments are placed in /home/"<user>"/tests/ before executing mpiblast. ">>>" [/shell]

•  Copy the system's ICR nodelist and modify it by removing any comment such as "#type: head". Use the fully qualified domain name (FQND) for the head node.

[shell]cp /etc/intel/clck/nodelist . vi nodelist # Modify to obtain similar results cat nodelist compute-1 compute-2… [/shell]

•  Launch the MPD daemons in the entire cluster. The parameter <N> should be replaced with the number of nodes of the cluster.

mpdboot -n <N> -f nodelist -r ssh

•  Run mpiblast using the "-np" parameter to define the number of processes to start. A simple formula to set this numbers is number_nodes x number_physical_cores. In the example the output of the command is directed to results.txt

[shell]mpiexec -machinefile nodelist -np "<N>" mpiblast -d month.nt -i a_thal_1168.fsa -p blastn -o results.txt[/shell]

•  An example of the output that you should obtain is referenced below:

[shell]BLASTN 2.2.20 [Feb-08-2009] Reference: Altschul, Stephen F., Thomas L. Madden, Alejandro A. Schaffer, Jinghui Zhang, Zheng Zhang, Webb Miller, and David J. Lipman (1997), "Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database search programs", Nucleic Acids Res. 25:3389-3402. Query= 25094 Lambda-PRL2 Arabidopsis thaliana cDNA clone 251F2T7, mRNA sequence. (604 letters) Database: month.nt 127,522 sequences; 512,131,274 total letters Sequences producing significant alignments: (bits) Value gb|CP002686.1| Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 3, complete sequence 367 e-100 ref|XM_001160875.2| PREDICTED: Pan troglodytes eukaryotic initia... 68 1e-09 ref|XM_511724.3| PREDICTED: Pan troglodytes eukaryotic translati... 68 1e-09 ref|XM_001151057.2| PREDICTED: Pan troglodytes eukaryotic initia... 60 3e-07 ref|XM_516936.3| PREDICTED: Pan troglodytes eukaryotic translati... 56 4e-06 ref|XM_001370153.2| PREDICTED: Monodelphis domestica eukaryotic ... 54 2e-05 ref|XM_003358747.1| PREDICTED: Sus scrofa eukaryotic initiation ... 46 0.004 ref|XM_001370908.2| PREDICTED: Monodelphis domestica eukaryotic ... 44 0.016 ref|XM_508726.3| PREDICTED: Pan troglodytes DCN1, defective in c... 40 0.25 ref|XM_001146090.2| PREDICTED: Pan troglodytes Nipped-B homolog ... 36 3.8 tpg|BK008000.1| TPA_inf: Anolis carolinensis von Willebrand fact... 36 3.8 gb|CP002743.1| Bifidobacterium breve ACS-071-V-Sch8b, complete g... 36 3.8 gb|CP002687.1| Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 4, complete sequence 36 3.8 >gb|CP002686.1| Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 3, complete sequence Length = 23459830 Score = 367 bits (185), Expect = e-100 Identities = 202/205 (98%), Gaps = 2/205 (0%) Strand = Plus / Plus Query: 187 agggtgttgcaatcaactttgttaaaagcgacgacatcaagattctcagagacattgagc 246 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Sbjct: 6866127 agggtgttgcaatcaactttgttaaaagcgacgacatcaagattctcagagacattgagc 6866186 ………………… ……………. …………. Database: /home/"<user>"/tests/month.nt.005 Posted date: Jun 21, 2011 11:43 AM Number of letters in database: 64,010,690 Number of sequences in database: 18,924 Database: /home/"<user>"/tests/month.nt.006 Posted date: Jun 21, 2011 11:43 AM Number of letters in database: 64,010,686 Number of sequences in database: 17,765 Database: /home/"<user>"/tests/month.nt.007 Posted date: Jun 21, 2011 11:43 AM Number of letters in database: 64,044,706 Number of sequences in database: 12,195 [/shell]

NOTE: For further information about MPIBLAST, please refer to

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