Configuring Intel® Cluster Checker for Intel® Server System SR1680MV


The Intel® Server System SR1680MV is a modularized rack server system providing two independent dual-socket, 18 DIMM nodes in a 1U chassis. Each node features an independent, flexible, and pluggable I/O tray supporting a PCI Express* 2.0 X8 riser.

The design of this server system has minor differences in the PCI Express riser between the nodes on either side of the chassis.  This impacts add-in cards, such as InfiniBand* HCAs.  An add-in card in one server board will use a different PCI Express slot number than an add-in card in the other server board in the same chassis.

The Intel® Cluster Checker pci module checks that add-in cards are inserted into the same slot on every node, so this slot number inconsistency will produce errors. This is by design, since performance characteristics may differ between PCI Express slots.


The pci module must be resolved separately for the left and right sides of the chassis. This can be easily accomplished using group functionality in Intel® Cluster Checker. The node list and configuration file must be updated to reflect the different board layouts.

First, update the node list to create two groups, one each for the left and right-side server boards. When complete, the node list should appear similar to this example.

cluster # group:right type:head
node-1  # group:left
node-2  # group:right
node-3  # group:left
node-4  # group:right
node-5  # group:left

Next, update the pci module configuration in the XML configuration file to identify each group.

  <group name="left"/>
  <group name="right"/>

The pci module will run on all nodes in the cluster, but PCI device consistency will be evaluated on the left and right groups independently. If excluding specific PCI devices, both the exclude and group elements must be direct children of the pci parent element.

If similar consistency errors appear in other modules, such as dmidecode, add the groupelement to the configuration of those modules to separate the tests for the left and right nodes.

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