Create a Stunning Home Screen with Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper for Android* Tablets by Kittehface Software

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Thunderstorm uses Open GL to render a continuously changing scene of rainclouds.

Some consider a gentle thunderstorm to be one of nature’s most beautiful gifts. Now, even on the clearest of days, your home screen can be a window to nature's majesty with Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper featured on new Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android* .

Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper by Kittehface Software transforms the user's home screen into a continuously moving stormy sky. Users can easily create a unique experience by customizing cloud color, wind speed, ambient light and lightning bolt color. Then, with just a touch of the screen, users can play Zeus and summon lightning.

As an Intel® Software Partner, Kittehface Software optimized Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper for the capabilities of Intel Atom tablets for Android*. The company accessed Intel tools, code, support and more in the Intel® Developer Zone.

"Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper creates a beautiful, interactive home screen experience for the user," said Jeremy Statz, owner of Kittehface. “Thanks to the support and resources Intel provided us, we are now able to offer customers a product that is a big step up from static screen images."

While developing Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper, Kittehface’s developers worked with Intel engineers to optimize the live wallpaper for the unique capabilities of new Android* tablets. Wanting to ensure that the application maintained its integrity across devices, they worked with Intel developers and engineers during the design process. They called upon the developer communities within Intel to receive guidance and technical assistance.

“Our users don't want the same old gimmicky live wallpapers,” noted Statz. “The capabilities within Android* tablets allowed us to create something entirely new and wholly unique. Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper isn't just beautiful wallpaper, it's a creative experience.”

Android* tablets have a setting that allows live wallpapers. Unlike a static image, live wallpapers move naturally as if the user was viewing a scene through a window. Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper capitalizes on this capability and the exceptional battery life of new Android* tablets. Plus, it has a minimal effect on the battery life of these devices.

Thanks to the extensive support from Intel and the powerful capabilities of new Intel Atom tablets for Android*, Kittehface Software has created over 20 live wallpapers. “We plan to continue to partner with Intel and to create even more beautiful live wallpaper for our users," said Statz.

Kittehface Software is an application developer based out of Houston, Texas. For more information visit:

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