Creating Realism with Computing Power

Eugen Systems optimizes WarGame* with Intel® HD Graphics

For Eugen Systems co-founder Cedric Le Dressay, the gap between video games and reality might be shrinking, but it hasn’t disappeared entirely. Makers of real-time strategy combat games such as WarGame: European Escalation and R.U.S.E*, the Paris-based software developer began in 1998 when the Le Dressay brothers—Cedric and Alexis—turned their love of strategy games into a business. Now with almost 50 employees, the challenge isn’t to dream up more realistic scenarios, but to find technology that can help create a more realistic appearance.

“They want military forces that look like what we see in movies,” Cedric Le Dressay said in describing the demands of his customer base. More realism, larger maps, more detail, more capability and control, the ability to instantaneously zoom to street level and interact with troops, or pull back to an aerial view and survey an entire region—and have the movements occur smoothly and seamlessly, and the details render perfectly. It’s all in the name of shrinking that gap between video game and reality, and all of it requires serious graphic rendering power.

Eugen Systems leveraged Intel® HD Graphics, the graphics engine that is integrated into the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor family. Now, PCs and Ultrabook™ devices equipped with Intel Core™ i5 and Core™ i7 processors have all the rendering power they need.

“We’ve been working closely with Intel to improve performance,” Le Dressay said. “Intel engineers helped us find performance problems WarGame: European Escalation is running faster six months after release than at launch. We’re very happy with our collaboration with Intel.”

The Ultrabook™ device with Intel® HD Graphics embedded in multi-threading 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors is really one of the best for mobile game playing experiences.”

—Cedric Le Dressay, Cofounder, Eugen Systems

Performance gains aren’t limited to massive desktop gaming PCs either. Intel HD Graphics, embedded in the multi-threading 3rd generation Intel Core processors, offers an unparalleled mobile gaming experience. Fans of Eugen’s WarGame: European Escalation and similar titles show great enthusiasm for touch-screen gaming—the closeness, the tactile sensation of hands-on interaction with the virtual world, of navigating with one’s fingertips rather than the traditional keyboard and mouse.

“On these devices, you have a great processor inside. The graphical chipset has more power than the previous generations. And the multi-touch hardware has really improved from just a couple years ago,” Le Dressay said.

Today, Eugen Systems creates one of the most realistic, feature-rich strategy games in the world. Playing WarGame: European Escalation on a touch-screen enabled device transparently enriches the strategic thinking used for the game with tactile sensations, resulting in more fun for you.

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