Debugging on Intel® Platforms


This article provides a high-level overview of debugging solutions for Intel® processor-based platforms from Intel as well as other debug solution providers for technical decision makers. It catalogues some of the relevant debuggers and points out some of the features and benefits of each with references to additional information.


Intel® architecture and its many variants have over the years encouraged and fostered a rich ecosystem of debug solutions for all the arenas that Intel® architecture based platforms can be found. This includes the very small starting with cellular, handheld and Mobile Internet Device as well as location service applications. It also includes the very large like many-core clusters used in high-performance computing and server applications.  Finally it also includes everything in between. This rich ecosystem of development tools solutions and debug solutions is part of what led to the huge number of developers comfortable and familiar with Intel® architecture today.  

With the advent of more and more "multi"- and "many" core processors requires parallel programming models are being used more as well. Using more advanced parallel programming techniques makes it however also more difficult to keep track of all active threads and their possible data inter-dependencies. This is were the feature sets and user interfaces of modern debug solutions come in. Advanced parallel programming techniques call for advanced parallel debugging techniques to keep the executions flow and the analysis of runtime problems straightforward and allow for speedy error corrections.

Additionally Intel® architecture finds its way into an increasing number of new usage models.  The new generation of low-power IA-32 based processors gain popularity in such diverse places as in-vehicle infotainment, internet- and location service-centric devices.

The Intel® Compilers strive to not only provide rich and complete symbol information and work seamlessly together with our Intel® Debugger technology, but also to support the wide ecosystm of debug solutions providede by the wide software ecosystem.

To find out more about the Intel® Debug Solution please have a look at the following articles and whitepapers:

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The Intel® Debugger works with native compilers, the Intel® C++ Compiler, the Intel® Fortran Compiler and selected third party compilers. This range of capabilities provides a great deal of flexibility in mixing and matching development tools to suit various development environments.

In this paper we would like to introduce some of the debug solutions from across the Intel® architecture targeted software ecosystem and 3rd party vendors.

Please check out the attached PDF file for the full whitepaper.

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