Debugging Linux* Systems with GNU* GDB

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During development of applications a debugger can hardly be avoided. It helps to analyze program behavior much faster than try and error or so-called “printf debugging”. Use of a debugger is not only restricted to cases of understanding applications errors. A debugger can also be helpful in other cases, e.g. for learning how applications work, how new architecture extensions are used, etc.

Intel provides a customized version of the GNU* GDB  debugger within Intel® System Studio. It is based on a recent version of GNU* GDB and extended by additional features.

In the training we will explain those extensions that are unique to the Intel version and also provide instructions how to use them.

Furthermore the training will cover both command line version of the debugger and its integration into Eclipse* IDE.

Module Agenda:  Total time for Module 60 minutes
Presentation Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Debugging on Command Line
  • Debugging with Eclipse* IDE
  • Documentation
  • Summary

Module Objectives:

Learn about the features that Intel regards as important extensions to the standard GNU* GDB debugger for state of the art debugging.

After the training you will be able to use those extensions on both the command line and Eclipse* IDE.

Module Pre-requisites:

Basic understanding of GNU* GDB debugger and optionally Eclipse* IDE.

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