Deploy Cluster Systems Dramatically Faster

Intel Tech Talks :: 29Nov07

Now that MPI and OpenMP* have become standard for cluster and multi-core architectures, it’s time to consider how to take full advantage of standards-based parallel computing. Most organizations using Intel clusters to develop or run modeling and simulation applications already understand the performance advantages of parallel computing. Intel® Cluster Ready clusters allow you to deploy a solution for users dramatically faster, with significant boosts in performance for developers using Intel® Cluster Tools. Learn why organizations are making Intel® cluster software technology their preferred development or production environment and explore the top things you should know to prepare for your current or next clusters.


Werner Krotz Vogel, Technical Marketing Engineer, Intel® Cluster Software Technology, Enterprise Software Solutions Division.  Werner studied astrophysics in Cologne and became an expert for parallel computer architectures in the automation industry. He was system project manager for the first European parallel supercomputer SUPRENUM. As specialist for performance tools for more than a decade at Pallas, he contributed to standards such as PARMACS and MPI, and helped the Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector reach its leading role in parallel software development tools.

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