Deprecated API list since Intel IPP v6.0

Some IPP APIs are deprecated since IPP 6.0. Please check the list below

1.  All ippiResize*/ippiResizeCenter*/ippiResizeShift*/
 and ippiGetResizeFract/ippiResizeSqrPixelGetBufSize  functions

All ippiResize* functions in ippiman.pdf and .h formats have been marked for deprecated.  Please use ippiResizeSqrPixel* intead.

For exmaple, you have the below code using ippiResize_8u_C3R 

status=ippiResize_8u_C3R((Ipp8u*)pSrc->DataPtr(), pSrc->Size(), pSrc->Step(), roiRect, (Ipp8u*)pDst->DataPtr(), pDst->Step(), pDst->Size(), xFactor, yFactor, Interpolation);

Please use ippiResizeSqrPixel_8u_C3R function instead. The code is like,

IppiRect roiRect={0,0, pSrc->Width(),pSrc->Height()};
IppiRect dstRect={0,0, pDst->Width(),pDst->Height()};
status=ippiResizeGetBufSize(roiRect, dstRect, 3, Interpolation, &BufferSize);
Ipp8u* pBuffer=ippsMalloc_8u(BufferSize);
status=ippiResizeSqrPixel_8u_C3R((Ipp8u*)pSrc->DataPtr(), pSrc->Size(), pSrc->Step(), roiRect, (Ipp8u*)pDst->DataPtr(), pDst->Step(), dstRect, xFactor, yFactor, 0, 0, Interpolation, pBuffer);

We focus on the ippiResizeSqrPixel because it supports more interpolation methods and has close result as wide-used square-based interpolation.

The ippiResize* functions are obsolete. We kept them in current version just for back-compatible.

2.  ippsSynthesisFilter_G729_16s/ippsShortTermPostFilter_G729A_16s

Please use ippsSynthesisFilter_NR_16s_Sfs as replacement

The function computes the speech signal by filtering the input speech through the synthesis filter. It performs the same operation as ippsSynthesisFilter_G729_16s/ippsShortTermPostFilter_G729A_16s for the same parameters, but explicit memory, scale factor and length.

For example the call
ippsShortTermPostFilter_G729A_16s(pSrcLpc, pSrcResidual, pSrcDstSpch)
ippsSynthesisFilter_G729_16s(pSrcResidual, pSrcLpc, pSrcDstSpch)
each is equvalentl to the call
ippsSynthesisFilter_NR_16s_Sfs(pSrcLpc, pSrcResidual, pSrcDstSpch, 40, 12, pSrcDstSpch-10).

3. ippsRijndael128EncryptCCM/ippsRijndael128EncryptCCM_u8; ippsRijndael128DecryptCCM/ippsRijndael128DecryptCCM_u8

Please Use ippsRijndael128CCMEncryptMessage/ippsRijndael128CCMDecryptMessage as replacement. Just for simple the interface.

Please see more details from User guide, ippiman.pdf, ippsman.pdf,  ippcpman.pdf  under doc directory, or online reference.

In future releases, we will also make more improvement to add warning messages during compilation time for awareness.
For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.