Develop and Solve: Threading for Multi-Core Solutions

Threading Knowledge for your Project Scope

It has been extensively written that the “free lunch is over” when it comes to software running fast as new accelerated hardware is introduced. From now on it is up to the software developers to make sure that they have built concurrency into their applications to take advantage of multi-core processors. 

The Intel Developer Zone offers a wide range of information for Optimizing Software for improved performance on the Intel® Core™ 2 processor family as well as more general information on getting started with threading your first application. Please review the list below to find the technical information, code sample or software development tool that meets the needs of your project scope.

Threading Information by Business Segment


Application Threading

If your company is looking to implement one or more threading optimizations to one or more modules within your application that demonstrate improved performance scaling on the Intel® Core™ 2 processor family, then we suggest that you start with these articles.


Optimization for Technical Features of Intel® Chipsets

For More Information on Intel Graphics optimizations, see the Graphics Developer Community.

Threading for Mobility

Notebook/Laptop PC is a rapidly growing segment which is bringing anywhere, anytime computing and connecting capability to the users. To improve the mobile computing experience, take advantage of one or more of these features:

Languages and Threading Techniques

When it comes to threading software, developers have many options and threading techniques such as Pthreads, WinThreads, OpenMP or Intel Threading Building Blocks.


Development Tools for Threading

Essential Tools for Threading


Intel® Software Development Products


Additional Resources


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