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Ultra Mobile PCs and Mobile Internet Devices (formerly called Ultra Mobile Devices-UMD) are coming; and the demand for applications that run on these sophisticated platforms is growing. If you're ready to create ultra mobile software, let Intel's array of technical resources and our discussion forum guide you successfully through the process.


Intel's Ultra Mobile Market Segments Initiative will help you make quick inroads and accelerate your time to market in the fast growing ultra mobile market segments. Tap into business planning, product development, marketing, and sales tools to deliver Intel-optimized solutions that combine the power of a PC with the mobility of a handheld device. Join the Ultra Mobile Market Segment Initiative today, available through the Intel® Software Partner Program, and begin to reap the benefits.

Just released! Our UMPC evaluator tool 1.0 will help you determine how portable your software application is to an available UMPC device.

Several new articles have been published: "Resource Guide for the UMPC Software Developer" and "Meeting Key Challenges in Developing Software for UMPCs and MIDs"; "the Best-Known Methods of UI design for MID"

Forum & Blog Posts

Overview of Ultra Mobile Market Segment and Platforms


Usages of Ultra Mobile Software Applications


Techniques for Ultra Mobile software Development and Optimization


Ultra Mobile Software Development Tools




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