Developer Training

Training on Parallel Programming for the Multi-Core World

Release the power of Multi-Core processors through our Multi-Core training series. Understand how to architect, design, develop and debug software for Multi-Core processors.

Online Training

  • Take our popular Moving to Multi-Coreonline course for free and be able to:
    • Develop and maintain threaded applications more efficiently
    • Thread applications for good performance on systems with and without Hyper-Threading
    • Use threading tools to debug and optimize threaded applications
  • View our new series of parallel programming training videos and downloadable courseware: Three Things you must teach about Parallelism
      These modules, developed by Intel Academic Community Architect Clay Breshears, cover basic content that any professor should teach when introducing parallel programming. While not designed specifically for engineers, this content should be of use for anyone seeking to understand the basicis of parallel programming on multi-core machines.
    1. Recognizing Parallelism
    2. Shared Memory and Threads
    3. Programming with OpenMP







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      Participate in online discussions on developer topics on Intel Software TV

      Live and archived events
      If you have ideas for a webinar, or if you would like to suggest a colleague or yourself as a guest host, please let us know through a comment below or email me directly.


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      anonymous's picture

      hi, this is waseem iqbal from pakistan.I wana to take clsses. tell me all procedure?

      denndann's picture

      I am interested in multicore programming training.
      I need more info on the Moving to Multi-Core online course.
      The link goes to a blank page.

      Paul Steinberg (Intel)'s picture

      Dear thiamchunokh,
      Thank you for your comments! Please continue to stay in touch with us. Do not be shy abpout telling us what you find missing o the site and would like to see as well as what we have that you like. let us know what you are woking on as well.

      All the best,
      Paul Steinberg
      Academic Community Manager

      thiamchunkoh's picture

      The Developer training on Multicore Programming is a very good foundation on parallel programming as well as methodologies used with MPI on SMP and MPP processing with pipeling strategy on different aspect of supercomputing and multicore programming like SSI, MVC and Struts framework on Middleware like Enterprise Service Bus (MOM) as well as Java Programming (API) with further enhancement on program debugging with standards on software testing and software configuration as baseline and software metrices to benchmark upon based on ANSI, IEEE 829, IEEE 730 for example

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