Developing Power-Efficient Apps for Ultrabook™ Devices

Power-efficient performance is a key component of Ultrabook™ devices and mobile devices in general. While the new generation of Ultrabook devices come with built-in hardware features that enhance performance, power efficiency is not the realm of hardware alone. Software plays a critical role in making Ultrabook devices as energy-efficient as possible. In this section, you will find resources to help you design and develop "green" software.


Section 1: Hardware, Windows* OS and Software:

The three components of mobile platforms that affect power-efficiency are battery, hardware, and software. The first set of resources help you understand the important hardware features that determine how much power your applications use such as choice of C-states and P-states. Some of the Windows 7* OS power efficiency techniques, like Timer Coalescing, are also covered. These set the stage for power-efficient software design considerations.


If you are looking for topics on how choice of algorithms, multi-threading, vectorization, event-driven software, context awareness, data efficiency (caching, disk I/O), idle efficiency, timer resolutions and background activity could all affect the power-efficiency of the target platform, you are in the right place. These resources will show you the multitude of software techniques that could ensure that your application is efficient, optimal and well differentiated to run on Ultrabook devices.



1: "Green" Code Development


2: Additional resources on developing Green Software


3: Energy-Efficient software criteria


4: Energy-Efficient software guidelines


Section 2: Tools

In this section, you will find resources on available tools to identify the root causes for power-inefficient application behavior. You will learn how to use tools like Intel® Power Checker, Windows Powercfg and Battery Life Analyzer.


1: Fine-Grained Application Analysis for Energy-Aware Computing


2: Intel® Power Checker


3: Power Analysis of Disk I/O Methodologies

Visit the Power Efficiency community for more information. Get all your questions about power efficiency answered in the Power Efficiency Forum.  For more information and resources on developing, optimizing, and monetizing applications for Ultrabook devices, visit our Windows* Community.
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