Discover scalability of your software for upto 8192 CPUs using Update 4 version of Intel(R) Advisor XE 2013

Intel(R) Advisor XE 2013 helps developers discover what parts of their software programs scale well. Determining scalability of a piece of code is essential to determine if it is worth parallelizing and if so, the size of an actual machine which can exploit such scalabile code.

Intel(R) Advisor XE 2013 until recently provided scalability numbers for upto 32 CPUs only. Now, with Intel(R) Advisor XE 2013 Update 4 which is available as part of various Suite XE 2013 SP1 products, you can obtain scalability numbers for upto 8192 CPUs.

Obtaining this scalability number for upto 8192 CPUs requires you to set the "Maximum CPU Count:" setting in the "Options-> General" dialog (as shown below):

Once this setting is in place, you can begin to see the scalability (more specifically, the scalability of "Maximum Site Gain") numbers for upto 8192 CPUs. You can also select other values for the Target CPU Count in the "Suitability Report" upto the "Maximum CPU Count value" set in the "Options-> General" dialog above.

Understanding this enhanced scalability is an essential first step towards effectively parallelizing key portions of your code for machines which have more than 32 CPUs (for Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) processors, for instance).

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