Dive in to Your Screen with the New Water Drop Live Wallpaper for Android* Tablets by Wasabi (Xllusion Ltd)

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Water Drop simulates water’s ripple effect over custom photo screens.

Across cultures, water symbolizes purification and renewal. Now, with the Water Drop Live Wallpaper app featured on new Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*, you can experience water’s cleansing and healing properties every time you look at your screen. Transform your tablet into an oasis when water ripples across or raindrops land on your home screen.

This refreshing new app utilizes the Live Wallpaper feature on the new Android* tablets to bring you fluid, interactive wallpaper that simulates water ripples and raindrops. You can customize the app by adding the water on top of your own custom photos.

An Intel® Software Partner, Wasabi (Xllusion Ltd), optimized Water Drop Live Wallpaper for the capabilities of Intel Atom tablets for Android*. The Intel® Developer Zone provided Wasabi with Intel® tools, code, support and more during the development of this live wallpaper.

“Water Drop is unique because it allows users to create an interactive experience with their own photos,” said Ed Liang, Managing Director . “Instead of choosing between their own photos or a live wallpaper, users can have the best of both.”

While developing Water Drop Live Wallpaper, the developers at Wasabi received technical guidance and assistance from the developer communities inside Intel®. They also consulted with Intel® engineers to fully optimize the app for Android* tablets. The result is an application that is customizable and realistic.

“Users will be surprised by how much the water droplets and ripples look like real water,” said Ed Liang, Managing Director . “The superior screen quality of the Android* tablets makes the water effects in this live wallpaper look so real.”

With their high-resolution screens and responsive touch-capabilities, the new Android* tablets are the perfect platform for this new application.

Thanks to these and other exceptional qualities of Android* tablets, Wasabi developed an application that is whimsical and customizable. Users will find it hard to pull their eyes away from the soothing water effects on their screens.

Wasabi (Xllusion Ltd) is a software developer based out of London, United Kingdom. For more information visit its homepage at: a href="http://www.xllusion.net" target="_blank">www.xllusion.net

To download the app visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.androidwasabi.livewallpaper.waterdrop

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