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October 2013: This WhatIf project has been retired, but this page remains for historical/archival purposes.

Warning! You are about to download an old, unsupported version of this software. For information about the current version of the compiler and matching runtime, please visit the Intel® Cilk™ Plus page. For tools supporting that compiler, please visit the SDK page.

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Download Intel® Cilk++ SDK installer for Windows* (cilk.msi) 11.7MB
Download Intel® Cilk++ SDK package for 32-bit Linux* (cilk_8503-i686.release.tar.gz) 51.7MB
Download Intel® Cilk++ SDK package for 64-bit Linux* (cilk_8503-x86_64.release.tar.gz) 53.4MB

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There are downloads available under the Intel Cilk++ SDK Pre-Release License Agreement license. Download Now


Abhishek 81's picture

Thanks for this Article i was just trying to find an Alternative to OpenMP and i guess Cilk++ is a solution.Will i be able to use it in Windows 8?

anonymous's picture

Hi, Could you please check the link for downloading cilk_8503-i686.release.tar.gz after the license agreement? It shows a filesize 2.16 MB and gives an error on extracting.

Guy Tel-Zur's picture

My Visual Studio 2008 complains that a file called cilk_1_1-x86.dll is missing. I re-installed Cilk (msi) and the problem still remains. I would appreciate any help.


anonymous's picture

Is it possible to run clik programs using code:blocks IDE is yes how?

anonymous's picture

I have a problem after installing cilk.msi.
Error Occurred
C:Program Files (x86)IntelCilkbin>cilkpp
cilkpp : error: Failed to find bincl.exe

anonymous's picture

Sorry I am a newbie In Linux ubuntu, I would like to know how to install cilk.

anonymous's picture

No support for Mac OS X?

Aubrey W.'s picture

Hello Armand, Intel(R) Cilk(TM) Plus is now the supported implementation of Cilk, which is included in Intel® C++ Composer XE for Windows*. This product supports 64-bit Windows development. You can find more information at Please contact us at if this does not meet your needs.

anonymous's picture

Intel® Cilk++ SDK doesn't support X64 for visual studio in windows OS?

What a big pity!


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