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October 2013: This WhatIf project has been retired, but this page remains for historical/archival purposes.

Warning! You are about to download an old, unsupported version of this software. For information about the current version of the compiler and matching runtime, please visit the Intel® Cilk™ Plus page. For tools supporting that compiler, please visit the SDK page.

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Download Intel® Cilk++ SDK installer for Windows* (cilk.msi) 11.7MB
Download Intel® Cilk++ SDK package for 32-bit Linux* (cilk_8503-i686.release.tar.gz) 51.7MB
Download Intel® Cilk++ SDK package for 64-bit Linux* (cilk_8503-x86_64.release.tar.gz) 53.4MB

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William Leiserson (Intel)'s picture

These packages only contain the precompiled binaries. You can download the GCC/Linux-runtime source at:

You can play with that and compile it anywhere, but please bear in mind that we only support the Linux and Windows versions.

anonymous's picture

Is there a version for MinGW ? usually i download the sources or the linux versions and compile, but in this case the linux version contains pre-compiled binaries.

anonymous's picture


fahadsatti's picture


In our research lab we were able to build cilk for solaris/sparc architecture. I don't think we can do the same with cilk++. Is there a way for me to compile and build cilk++ from source or install it on a solaris based machine through some other way?

Fahad Satti,

anonymous's picture

Again, no version for Mac OSX...
Big regrets!

Ann O.'s picture

"The publisher could not be verified" security warning appears when you start the installer. Can you please digitally sign your files.

archaiwy's picture

Thank you, Aaron, I have got it. It was blocked by the firewall.

archaiwy's picture

Clicked Download Intel® Cilk++ SDK installer for Windows* (cilk.msi)
Then a window poped up, asking an email. I entered my email and clicked the button followed the textbox.
Then nothing acts any more.


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